Perfect results for the Process of Making Corporate Video


That a company video must be about the company itself is a persistent misunderstanding. Too often, corporate videos list services, products, core values, and vision, supported by images of the business premises and people working on a computer.

To be very honest the viewer of your corporate video is not interested in your company. The viewer is interested in how you can solve his problem. An effective corporate video shows the viewer that you understand where his pain points are and that your product, service, or idea can provide the solution. This is why you can hire a corporate video production singapore for the entire project. They will take care of the below matters.

  1. Determining the purpose of the video

Why do you want to make the video? Do you want to teach people something? Do you want to use the video to entice people to purchase your service or product? To recruit new talent? To present your company as an expert? To attract audiences to your next event?

It is important to get clarity about what you want to achieve with the video. That seems obvious, but in practice we notice that people are inclined to tell more in a video than is relevant. By setting a clear goal for the video the videographer can test during the video production process whether what you want to say actually contributes to the video.

  1. Knowing your target group: one size does not fit all

Your corporate video does not have to appeal to everyone. In fact, a video made for a general audience will ultimately not appeal to anyone. It is therefore important to think in advance for whom you want to make the video: What does your target group value? What is their level of expertise regarding the subject of the video? Do they already know your company well, a little, or not at all? Where can your company help them with? An apt production house can take care of these things perfectly.

Not only what you tell depends on who you tell it to. Also how you deliver the message should appeal to the target group. Only when you have a clear view of the target group are you able to think from that target group and can you make a story that is interesting for them.

  1. Targeting a corporate video at the target audience, not the company

The viewer of a corporate video would like to know how you can provide a solution for his or her problem and is probably not interested in, for example, the history of your company. So don’t use a company video to send information, but to show the viewer that you understand it. Does your target group lack certain knowledge that you can impart? Does your company offer a certain experience? Are your services faster / more personal / efficient than those of other companies? After you have identified the viewer’s problem you can position your company as the right party to solve this problem.