Winning the Games and Having a Perfect time


Spending too much time in front of the television or the computer is not good: it is not just a mother’s conversation that your eyesight may be impaired, that you will not have a peaceful sleep or that the day is beautiful outside and there are probably invitations from friends to get out.

However, the game industry is not only made of evils. In recent years, a series of studies and scientific articles has been concerned with proving the benefits brought by games. And, believe me, they exist: if the right games are played at the right time, the human being can develop specific skills and even use titles as part of the treatment against certain diseases.

Below, check out what these studies are and don’t forget to use them as an argument going forward against anyone who thinks you care too much about video games. Now with the use of dota 2 boost you can find the best choices for the essential wins in the games online.

Against anxiety and depression

Being addicted to Candy Crush is bad (even for the pocket), but just a little bit a day doesn’t hurt. A University of Pennsylvania study found that simple browser games or smartphones can alleviate symptoms of depression. And you don’t even have to have any disease: this type of game improves quality of life in general and reduces anxiety. In short, they generate feelings of satisfaction and self-efficacy, which is the self-esteem to perform tasks and achieve goals.

Increases empathy

Games can also increase and empathy, which is the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes. A study by neuroscientist Jeff Mogil put strangers to play Rock Band for 15 minutes and found that they become less suspicious of each other and better able to feel the pain of strangers after gambling. Different research from Yale University found that psychopaths tend to show emotional responses in some games, which can help with treatment.

Shorter reaction time and more reflexes

A 2010 survey by the University of Rochester confirmed that action games can decrease our reaction time and increase reflexes. Dozens of volunteers who were not players spent time experimenting with shooting games, while others spent time playing something cool, like The Sims. In tests done after gambling, the war games group showed 25% faster reactions and the same hit rate.

Good even for the view

Each day’s Call of Duty can also keep the contrast sensitivity function high. In the 2009 study by Daphne Bavelier, the conclusion is that rapid movements on the screen and the need to aim help to “train” our eye, especially in the case of elderly people. Some games would even be beneficial in eye correction treatments, if used in conjunction with surgery or correction lenses.

Multitasking and concentration

Adam Gazzaley of the University of California has found that some games can improve the ability to multitask in the elderly. Training frequently in a racing game makes the entire cognitive system of the brain more connected. Older people not only manage to do several tasks at the same time, but also improve their own memory and long-term attention.