Get the best preschool app for teachers



If you are a teacher in a pre-school or in multiple of them, it will be easier for you to manage your school activities if you use a wonderful app named Remini. This is one of the best apps in the market for daycares and preschool teachers. If this app is used properly, it will make the life of the teacher and also the parent quite easier.

If you go through Remini preschool app review, you will find that the app gives the parent and the teacher a common platform where the teacher can share the picture of the child when he or she is at the pre-school and the parents are away to work. From your far away office, you can have a look at your child at his school. But not everybody in the school will have the access to see your child’s picture. You can select the ones who will be able to see your child’s photo. There is a huge option of security and privacy setting of your child’s photo. Unlike social media accounts where there are billions of users, here you can see your child playing in the playground and later on, you can share those images with his grandparents and they will really love it.

Started in the year 2013, Remini now has around 12,000 users and on an average, around 70,000 images are uploaded every month. The popularity of the app is increasing with every passing month as it is a huge beneficiary to the teachers. A teacher can create an assignment and share it with her entire class on that common platform. She can create a different profile for each student and can also have one for the entire class. She can put a comment on the profile of a particular student so that his or her parents can see it. If the teacher wants to have it for the entire class, she can do it well by sharing on the common platform. Such notifications are of immense importance to the parents as they come to know whether there is any special event at the school or the academic progress of his child at school or what assignment has to be completed at home and many more.

If needed, the teacher can also create an album of his students and share it on the platform. That is why people say that Remini is a wonderful platform where the teacher and the parent can communicate about the child, even when they are distant apart. Its attendance features also help to keep a track of the attendance of the teacher and the student in each class.