Is A Dash Cam Good Vehicle CCTV Systems?


From slashing tyres to keying paintwork, we have seen many cases where people suffer from such vandals to their car and look for a solution, and ask if dash cams can provide protection against such problem.

Just few weeks back a news had break-in claiming that a new Fortuner car was quietly parked in ignition with kids sitting inside near a restaurant where a person was peacefully getting his food parcels and came back to find his brand new car with scratches with a report Rs.30, 000 worth damages and kids shouting to catch the person who just ran away with the mobile phone kept in the car.  Fortunately, the car owner had KENT CamEye installed
and images of the vandal quickly went viral, resulting in a 32-year old man being questioned by the police.

So that’s it, closed case, dash cam footage helped catch the vandal and they work, ok?! Always choose a dash cam that offers protection and your troubles are going to be over, right?! So below are some of the points that are to be considered while buying a dash cam. 

Inside and Outside Recording:

During normal use, a dash cam only really needs to cover the view from the front in order to capture the vast majority of meaningful activity that it needs to. However, in the case of a vehicle being targeted by vandals or thieves, from the back of the vehicle are prime target areas so people want a device that can cover the front and the back of the same.  KENT CamEye offers dual camera technology that offers inside and outside view of the car and also offers real-time tracking so that you don’t miss out on anything.  


When a person plans to buy a security device, he should choose a product that has easy installation process and yet looks professional. It should not interfere with the original electrical wiring or vehicle’s OBD port. High flexibility in the installation process should be given. By hardwiring you might end-up the car company warranty but with KENT CamEye you should not worry about it as it is a non-OBD based device. 

Memory Capacity:

This becomes less of an issue as dash cam technology moves forwards and they can accept larger capacity memory cards and even cloud storage these days. Most of the car cameras save your data on memory card that can hold around 5-6 hours of high quality footage and once out of memory it starts to loop recording. But with KENT CamEye they don’t have to worry as the device offers cloud storage and saves the data for up to 90 days. So good buy loop recordings!

Live Streaming:

The idea of being able to connect to your dash cam, from anywhere in the world, and see activity around your car is one that we’re often asked about, but there simply hasn’t been an answer to. However, that may all be about to change with the development of “KENT CamEye. This feature from this device offers live videos that you can view via the app that is available for both Android and iOS mobile users. The feature enables the car owners to keep a constant eye on their car and clearly has significant security benefits.


There is no doubt about the fact that car cameras can play main role in protecting your car when you are not around it, but may not be the ultimate solution in every case. Buy car camera from KENT CamEye Store online, and at a price of Rs.17999 and experience the difference. To book a demo, share your details at or call us at 011-66765030.