What to Know About Hosting Services and Dedicated Servers



Most hosting services lease to some businesses dedicated servers instead of putting them on a server with several websites on it. The client usually does this because it makes it more flexible than shared hosting and the business or organization has total control over the server, such as;


  • Choice of operating system
  • Choice of other hardware
  • Better performance
  • Scalability with growth
  • Excellent connectivity


Small vs. large businesses

Very large companies such as 3M as well as others do their own hosting of websites. But smaller businesses with smaller websites turn to companies that host many websites in one facility. Clients lease their servers and services on a monthly fee. Many smaller websites can be hosted on one server and this is good for small companies, blogs, or smaller sites. But as a company begins to grow and gets more traffic or adds more features to their site, this is when dedicated servers come into play.

Hosting companies

When deciding on a hosting company, you need to do your research as you do on any business on the internet. Read their reviews but remember good reviews can be faked. Do a search with any browser to see if anyone is complaining about this hosting company. And check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against them as well.

Good hosting companies

Most good hosting companies will have “ready-to-go” packages you can choose from, or they will help you customize your own package that fits your exact needs. You should be able to choose any operating system and hosting companies should be easily able to upgrade RAM and storage when needed.

Before signing any contract, it is highly advised to research several hosting companies as well as checking out both their customer service and support.