WaveUp apk


You can make your device with waving up. Here you have to wave for the proximity sensor of your device. This is actually an unfamiliar procedure for waking the phone. You can just press the power key for the above process. But other than the pressing power key to wake up the waving procedure is simple. I am sure that this Waveup apk surely does a lot to help your device.

We haven’t heard about the proximity sensor so much. Because we haven’t talked about that. But here we have to talk about the sensor too. Now you have an idea about the Waveup apk. Then next let us check the unique details for the Wave up itself. The Wave up app is about a 2.09 MB sized app which too small. Now the Wave up apk has performed more than 1,000,000 downloads so far. The Juanito Bananas offered the Waveup app for the users.Now you know all the facts that you want. Then we will discuss what are the features of the app.

Features of the Waveup apk

  • You can wave up to the sensor to turn on the screen.
  • The above feature is known as the wave mode.
  • You can disable this mode to avoid accidental waving up.
  • Other than screen waving, the screen will be locked while you closed the sensor for some time period.
  • The proximity sensor is not familiar to you. That is a small sensor near to the place where you keep your ear.
  • You cannot uninstall the apps similar to the uninstall ways of other apps.
  • Usually, the Waveup app need the device administrative permission.
  • So that you have to just tap the uninstall button on the bottom of the menu.
  • The draining of the battery will be caused because of the above feature.
  • The Wave up apk is an open-source android app and you can customize it as your wish.

Those are the main things related to the above app. Other than those features we will see what are the new features.

What’s new with the latest version

  • The translations have updated
  • The privacy policies have updated
  • The existed bugs have fixed now
  • Some FAQs have added to the menu

Now I told you what you want. You are the only person to select whether this app is useful for working or not.The Wave up apk is rated for the 3+. There are no advertisements contained in the app. Therefore, you won’t be disturbed while working with the app. This app is completely free. You don’t need to pay any single amount. That means you can experience this app for free.

The other factor is the safety of the app. The Wave up apk is safe. The user and the device will be safe with the above Waveup apk. Also, there is no harmful software contained in the Wave up app. Also, there is no restriction against the usage of the app. So now you can use the app without any problem. Those are the things that you want, now you know them. Decide is this app worthy to use.

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