The ultimate wireless headphones buying guide


Whether you are a fan of podcasts or songs, a great pair of headphone can offer you a best listening experience. Most of us depend on earphone or headphone for at least part of the day, watching videos of laptops or tabs, listening to music, etc. Headphone has become an important accessory that’s available in abundance in the market.

Wireless concept has been around for a long time, with many brands offering lot of convenience thanks to great audio quality and portability among other features. Since the choices are lot these days, you need to keep certain things in mind while buying a wireless headphone that can match the audio quality of wired earphone.

How do they perform?

Most such headgears make use of Bluetooth as the wireless technology that let you to listen to music wirelessly from any device connected via Bluetooth. The built-in control buttons in the headphones allow you to play/pause the song, adjust volume, and skip tacks, and more. Moreover, these headphones come with built-in microphones that let you to answer the phone calls, while mobile device stays in your pocket.

Key features

With wireless headphones going mainstream, you can find lot of options from most trusted brands and this guide will help you to figure out which headphones are right for you.

1) The newest brands offer some unique features that can extend Bluetooth range up to 150 feet or more. Such types are best suited watch movies on TV, without disturbing your room partner.

2) Sound quality is one of the main features to consider while choosing a wireless headphone. Most devices are either on-ear or over the head that connect wirelessly to podcasts or phones. You need to carefully analyze audio related factors, such as impedance, frequency range, and driver type to choose the best sound quality.

3) You need to also take a look at the battery life when it comes to buying wireless headphone. A great battery life with continuous hours of playback capability can help you to work out or commute with ease.

4) If you want to use headphone in the gym, you may also look for water resistance headphones that don’t get damaged with your sweat.

With these factors to help, you need not to struggle with a cable/wire, but listen to music on the go. The wireless headphones at Electronique hifi are a dream come true. It’s time to enjoy high-quality sound without being attached to your device.