Manhwa Webtoon has Boys Love, Girl Love and great works that clearly differentiate from Manga Hentai Comics.  However, Webtoon Manhwa has many more categories than that, the webtoon’s landing in the global comic market is very strong and synchronized with a series of popular websites such as Naver Webtoon, Lezhin, Toomics, Manytoon, Toptoon, and others.  Other work lines: boys love, girls love, drama, romance, manhwa 18+, Horror, Adult Webtoon, Historical, …

Many famous works such as True Beauty, My Stepmom, Painter of Night, Noblesse … have been adapted into drama.  Webtoon manhwa is different from Manga Hentai when it depicts human life when suffering painful moments, readers can weep over the webtoon dramas or romance webtoons that stir the global online community, besides that,  Soothing funny stories to help readers relax. In this list, we will introduce Top 10 Comedy Webtoon 2019. Enjoy reading on Free Webtoon Online.

  1. A bittersweet life

A selective collection of everyday stories with a non-permanent character system, “A Bittersweet Life” gives readers a more refreshing and more important moment than the readers feel like they are penetrated.  understand each line and every page of this webtoon. It talks about the difference between single lives and lives in a relationship, between the unemployed and those who are succeeding in their own way, … Even if it’s just a single picture.  Simple, not fussy with short conversations or monologues, but “A Bittersweet Life” brings readers more than that: lessons or a meaningful message in life. It would be great if during stressful times, you have yourself this impressive webtoon.

  1. Up and out

To talk about this funny webtoon, we can only identify one sentence, which is: “A strange story in a strange world of weirdos”.  Just by looking at the paintings of the author, the reader we can see somewhat simplicity but no less comedy in it. The characters always act in different directions, each character is eccentric but everyone has his own thoughts and stances, no one resembles anyone.  Therefore, when reading “Up and out”, readers will not be able to prevent and laugh because of the tummy handling or short sentences but very good quality of the webtoon. That’s why “Up and out” appeared in the top 10 of the funniest series this period.

  1. Cluster Fudge

“Cluster Fudge” is also a series of a series of compelling small stories, which are the trivial things that happen to John McNamee in the beginning of a beautiful day.  The usual topics in “Cluster Fudge” are stories related to robots, witches, recluse geniuses or even robots with superhuman brains and functions. In short, “Cluster Fudge” will definitely be a reliable choice for everyone.  Be prepared for laughter jokes offline!

  1. Girl have a blog

A series of lovely stories revolving around close friends Tara and Sarah, “Girl have a blog” has become a webtoon series that anyone with close friends should read, especially girls.  The webtoon ministry raised issues that were not too serious, but were often very common between two girls, and then the solution and the message was sent to the reader. “Girl have a blog” drawn in pink, white and black is the main theme, bringing the atmosphere filled with fun and lovely.  How did those two friends grow up? This webtoon set will give you the answer.

  1. Unlucky is as Lucky does

Some distant enemy is intending to threaten, kidnapping the king’s daughter.  Upon hearing the news, the king scoured the area to select the best people to protect his little daughter.  It sounds like a normal story at first, doesn’t it? But, on the contrary, the comedic element here is that the king is obsessed with protection, half the queen is stubborn, rarely tolerates the king, and the 7-year-old daughter can fall.  anyone in the kingdom who unfortunately has nothing. So, who will protect her? It is not necessarily the strongest, nor the smartest. Sometimes, just one person is lucky enough to survive with the little princess, that’s enough. Breaking away from the traditional old-fashioned style, surely “Unlucky is as Lucky does” will make readers enjoy those laughs that cannot be closed!

  1. Hapi Buni

“Hapi Buni” is a dark story about a Buni bunny who is always optimistic, loves life, yet always meets the bad luck from time to time.  Always love life, but Buni can not understand why this wonderful world is ready to overwhelm his life. The girl he loved, loved someone else.  Buni, meanwhile, lives with his father in stark contrast to himself: always bleak and negative. Buni’s story promises to bring laughter but also profound laughter for readers with the messages that it spread.  Make sure to read through this webtoon!

  1. Everywhere and Nowhere

Based on Shakespeare’s most popular, favored characters, “Everywhere & Nowhere” follows the time-travel journey of a past exploration of the two best friends Anne Guildenstern and William Rosncrantz.  central character. The couple’s first stop was in Ancient Greece, when invasions were about to break out. How will their story continue? What are the embarrassments they have to go through? The humor that brought “Everywhere & Nowhere” to the webtoon has brought over 2 million favorites on the webtoon homepage.

  1. Live with yourself

The top 3 on this list is truly a tragic story.  It tells the story of a recently broken time, causing the main character of the story to return to the past and live with oneself 20 years ago, before that.  I heard it was interesting just now, right? What troubles did this “three people” go through? Definitely will stimulate the curiosity and curiosity of readers with nearly 4 million hits and 131 chapters still going on.

  1. Adventure of God

Unlike other webtoon series, “Adventure of God” is a journey to explore Heaven and meet God, where you will be extremely surprised because it is not the same as in the description book.  Heaven is not so great, it is like life on earth, there is only difference in space only. The embarrassment and surprise of my character when I first visited this place is definitely a huge plus for the humor that webtoon brings.  Perhaps so, the webtoon series has brought me more than 12 million hits to date. What a huge number, isn’t it? Try reading through the series to see somewhat other aspects of heaven!

  1. My giant nerd boyfriend

Imagine you have a nice, easygoing, loving guy who always spoils you but has an oversized body?  What an interesting story, isn’t it? Read the webtoon series “My time nerd boyfriend” to learn more about this Fishball friend!  Loving each other is so, but the “super small” inconvenience caused by this “super big” guy will definitely make readers laugh over this lovely cuteness.  This webtoon ranks at the top of the Korean web community’s funniest lists, bringing over 25 million views on Free Webtoon Coins and contributing to bringing the author’s name and the series to an extremely high level in the field.  mine. Read this webtoon, surely readers will never find it a waste of time.

If you are not a fan of Webtoon Manhwa Hentai genre, you should try reading once in your life.  Surely you will not regret losing 5 minutes of life.