The Best of Virtual Assistant works Now


Consumers in 2018 will always be more demanding. The skills and quality of the customer services will have to follow to offer them a satisfactory experience. AI will help them make interactions with their clients more fluid and focused. The virtual assitant services are perfect there.

Why is personalization of the customer relationship fundamental?

Consumers want to be understood, considered and delighted. The personalization of a quality customer relationship is far from being a neglected criterion.

Customer satisfaction, but also loyalty is key

Many tools and solutions allow companies to implement it: creation of personas, collection and analysis of feedback and all possible information about their prospects and customers, apprehension of visitor behavior on their website (behavioral marketing), etc. 

AI increases personalized customer service

The AI ​​pushes this customization even further. Thanks to it, customer data will be better collected, analyzed and exploited.

Data inaccessible to humans can be captured and interpreted. It will increase the means and capacities of advisers.

Here is a significant example:

The Natural Language Processing (or TALN) allows analyzing on the web the feelings that users have to a brand and predict which audience will be receptive to such message.

This wealth of information for a customer service will allow companies to complete more and more customer profiles and personalize the answers of intelligent virtual assistants.

Customer emotion at the heart of the customer experience

The customer experience cannot be good without emotion. Companies are becoming more aware of it and injecting it into their customer relationship.

As you capture the emotions and assist the counselors, AI does not yet match humans who are able to provide an emotionally enhanced experience.

Customer emotion and customer relationship

Optimizing the customer experience involves taking into account the emotions of consumers. She makes it unique. Joy, sadness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, the empathy of a customer service is a real added value.

Customers want a genuine relationship with the company or brand. They also expect some availability and expertise. As a result, the ideal customer service is irreproachable on two criteria: quality and continuous accessibility.

The role of the AI

Empowerment of questions / answers is a solution to meet the immediacy and availability required by customers.

Available 24/7, the chatbot provides answers to customer questions. To deepen the performance of these virtual assistants in vogue, it is necessary to equip them with AI. The deep learning technology will allow chatbots to show more emotional intelligence to help them discern the emotions of their interlocutor. Best of all, the robot does not have its own emotions to handle. Its only goal is to satisfy the customer. Of course, companies are required to verify that the machine learning systems of their tools do not create bias. AI therefore needs to be supervised by human intervention.

Mix human and AI

For artificial intelligence to be an asset for the customer relationship, it must support the essential human interventions. Both are complementary, but distinct.

The importance of being transparent in the customer relationship

The company must first be transparent about the use of AI in its customer relationship. Even if ultimately the difference between a virtual advisor and a human will be less obvious, the customer must know who he is dealing with.