Know all about GIG Economy and the Applications based around it


The world around us is changing for the better with the constant evolution and incorporation of technology in the present global economy. With the daily updating world, the means and medium of earning money and employment are also changing. In recent decades, the concept of start-up has flooded where people decided to become entrepreneurs. It was revolutionary in the market creating opportunities for creative minds to come up with new, innovative ideas. Another mode of employment that started rising in the last few years was related to freelancing. Freelancing refers to the GIG economy or in simple terms, it means temporary employment. 

GIG economy as described by Google means, a labour market that is mainly characterized by short term contracts or temporary work agreement between the employer and employee or freelance working assignments in contrast to permanent jobs. It is a temporary work environment where a specific arrangement is made for all the employees is restricted within a specific period depending on the requirements of the employer.

What happens to be challenging in operating as a freelancer is forming a network for the continuous inflow of work assignments. Nowadays different applications have made life easier. Apps are like a one-minute solution to all our worries. And so we have apps to find sources of work assignments. 

To find work assignments based on the preservation of work photos and demand property, the following GIG economy app might help your venture:


Proxypics is a kind of on-demand application that provides location-specific media at your request. It is very easy to operate an online market place where the employer matches the employee near the geographic location of which they want photos. It is very easy to find a job in Proxypics as the app itself notifies you if they find any photo assignments that are available near your current location. 

You just need to accept the work assignment, complete the work and submit to get paid. It is very convenient to earn money by freelancing through proxypics. Even as an employer, if you are looking for someone to do your job to get photos of a particular location, you just need to enter the address and details of the job and post it for anyone to accept your job. Pay the one-time fee and you have your photos with you forever until you delete.

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