How to Protect Your Business from Anyone Leaving COVID-19 Behind


This software program offers COVID-19 help for small, medium, and large businesses. You need to know who has been at your business and if they pose anyCoronavirus risks for anyone such as your family or business employees. Knowing this information is quite important and reduces the risk for spreading the virus.

We live in difficult times

This pandemic has changed the way we live. By forming a partnership with Onesystem, which is business software solutions, the stress of running a business during these times is greatly reduced and simplifies your business so that it is no longer full of personal risks.

Saves time and money

Onesystem is a business solution that is easy to use and enables you as the business owner to run your business by connecting with people and systems that save you time and money.

Does these things

This system does several things that are important for you. These include:

  • Identifying those with symptoms and sending a positive symptoms alert;
  • Tracks all who have entered your business;
  • Reduces the spread of this deadly virus;
  • Protects your employees;
  • Demonstrates identification, control, and tracking.

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Options include:

  • Sign in or sign out text and/or email notification;
  • Acknowledges key business information;
  • Can be used as is or totally customized to suit your business.

This allows you to focus more on your business as this solution focuses on how to help you with a problem you should not have to worry about while helping to keep your business open.

Free version

Try the free version of this product first or use it as long as you like. It handles 3 simple questions for the protection of your staff, their families, reducing the virus spread and keeps your business up and running. They can even add your logo with a message and create a custom solution for you. Each version offers ISO 9001 Quality Certification.