Sunday in San Francisco: 5 Things to Do


Things To Do On Sunday San Francisco

Are you traveling to San Francisco for the weekend? Or happen to live there and want to do something fun on a Sunday. Well there are plenty of fun things to do in San Francisco.

The Palace of Games is a great place to spend your Sunday with family friends. At the Palace of Games they have different escape rooms. 

The first is the Houdini escape room and this should be played with at least six people but no more than ten. Here your family and friends will try to solve the old puzzle. If you escape you can say that you escaped Houdini’s test of intelligence.

The other escape room is the Roosevelt Escape Room. This is former president Theodore Roosevelt to help lead us to war that ends all wars. This room is very planned out and the production is one of the best aspects of the experience. Your friends and family will not forget this amazing experience.

The third escape room consists of the Edison Escape Room. Here you will need to uncover the laboratories front entrance. Then master the challenges of Edison’s work. Once all that has been completed you can enjoy your surprise. This room is highly interactive and was defiantly thought out very well. The room is by far one of the best in the Palace of Fine Arts.

The last is the Escape The Palace room. This is themed by Dr. Armand Hand. You will need to look through his old notes and conduct experiments to escape the room. This is a private puzzle hunt that has a group of 30 to 125 players. All players will play the same game at the same time but will be divided into small groups of five to six. You will visit a variety of different stations to solve puzzles.

This is great for team building and working with others. This place is great for businesses to bring their employees to get to know them better and bond. Also this is great for the family. You will exercise your mind and test your knowledge among some of the greatest minds.

Some other fun things to do in San Francisco is to bike the Golden Gate Bridge. 

This is what San Francisco is known for and one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture in the world.Attending a baseball game at AT&T field. It is great to enjoy some drinks with friends rooting for the home team. There are several activities that you can do at the stadium. After the game take a trip down to ChinaTown where you will feel the feeling of being in China. There are many street vendors and performers.

There are a lot of fun things to do in San Francisco. The Palace of Games and Fine Arts is something that should not be overlooked. This place is great for family and team building. You can test your mind against some of the greatest that walked this world. Also visiting the Golden Gate Bridge is a must see attraction. 

This bridge that is one of the longest is the world is absolutely amazing. Check out the AT&T field and root for San Francisco. The puzzle room in San Francisco is something that is very interactive. This puzzle room in San Francisco is a place you will not want to miss. All the reviews are great and people say it was a once in a lifetime experience.