Soundproofing Your Air Conditioner


A noisy air conditioning unit isn’t an enjoyable scenario for anyone. Luckily, there are various methods a homeowner can soundproof their unit by creating an air conditioner sound barrier.

What causes a noisy air conditioner?

A noisy air conditioner unit could be caused by various causes. Vibrations can cause the screws in the unit to become loose, this could happen within the panels throughout the air conditioner unit and cause an irritating rattling noise. Screws can come loose over time and isn’t a huge safety concern. If the air conditioning unit is making an unusual hissing sound, it’s most likely caused by a leak. This leak can result in un-uniformed cooling throughout the building. Banging is another sound an individual might hear when there’s a problem with their unit.

Pounding or banging sounds can indicate that a part has come loose and it thrashing around the unit itself. This is something that needs to be taken looked at immediately by a professional to prevent further damage to the air conditioner unit. If an air unit is squealing, the sound may be coming from the duct system. Squealing could mean blade malfunction or miscellaneous issues. However, if the unit is working just fine and there are no indications of damages, but still makes noise, there are several ways an individual can soundproof their unit.

Air conditioner sound barrier

When there is nothing mechanically wrong with the air conditioning unit but makes loud noises, there are techniques to muffle them. Installation of a fence is one of them. Building a fence is fairly easy, especially something as small as building a small fence around an outdoor air conditioning unit. Any material can get the job done, however just be aware of the distance when installing a fence around the unit. When the fence is too close to the air conditioner, it could cause rattling and noise to the fence itself. This defeats the purpose of creating a proper air conditioner sound barrier. Instead, try to give the unit and the fence at least a feet or two of space. Furthermore, planting shrubbery around the unit can absorb the sound. Be careful not to plant anything too close to the unit.

Could an unsteady surface be the issue?

Believe it or not, an unsteady surface could be the main cause of the noise issue. The noise could come from the vibrations the unit makes from its uneven contact with the ground or wall. Luckily, are fairly simple solutions to this scenario. One of them is attaching the unit to a steadier ground with an even surface. This will reduce the vibrations to a halt. As a result, one could rest easy knowing the unit will no longer create unpleasant or irritating vibration sounds. However, as mentioned before, vibrations could be a sign that the air conditioner unit could be damaged and need a professional to take a look at it. If unsure, contact a local air conditioning company to inspect the unit before making any changes.

Is a noisy air conditioning unit dangerous?


A noisy air conditioning unit isn’t as dangerous as most people would think. However, it’s wise to call in a professional if there seem to be any abnormalities to be sure. It’s better safe than sorry when it comes to owning a home and making sure everything runs smoothly for the residents living inside. A professional can investigate the problem and inform the homeowner of the issues they might be facing. The repair professionals can then suggest solutions to the air conditing unit as well as give a quote.