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Identifying keywords is an important first step in event PPC advertising. From the seo agency London

you can have the best choices now.

What are the most effective keywords for your event?

Choosing the right keywords plays a particularly important role. It determines the success of your ad and how much you pay for it. So, how do you make sure you choose the best keywords?

The most accurate and relevant words

Sit down for a moment and think about the words they use to search for your event in search engines. If you are organizing a rock concert in Lahti then you should start with the words “Rock concert in Lahti”. You could also choose the word “guitar music,” but then you compete with guitar makers and musicians for attention and even better if you are even more accurate. If you have been hailing a band called This Awesome Band, your keywords could be “This Awesome Band live in Lahti”. You can also try a free tool called WordStream to find keywords.

Group your keywords

Now that you have a long list of keywords, it’s time to group them into groups. Some of them have a clear theme, so you should put about 5-20 keywords into groups.

Find out the traffic your keywords are generating

While exact keywords are effective, they have a limited power if only a few use them in their searches.

  • In connection with the previous example, “rock concert Lahti” is more specific than “rock concert Finland”.
  • However, the latter has a larger audience and reach. People from other parts of Finland are also ready to travel to Lahti for a good concert.
  • Use Google Trends to compare traffic generated by different words.

Find out about your competitors

The broader the keyword, the more expensive the bids are. The more specific “rock concert Lahti” reaches fewer people and is thus cheaper than the “rock concert Finland”. With many keyword tools you can see the current volume and bid range of your bids.

Here are the best practices

You can add a countdown counter to your ad, of course, you could just add the date, but the counter creates a sense of urgency.  Learn how to add a countdown counter to Google AdWords here.

Show how many tickets are left

Similar effect to counter, but a bit harder to accomplish. This, if anything, creates a sense of urgency: you see that there are only five tickets left. Learn how to add the remaining number of tickets to Google AdWords here.

Advertise to your mailing list

It is easier to sell tickets to people who already know you than to completely unknown people. Google allows you to download an email list when you create a PPC ad.

Tip : See how you target your audience with Google Adwords here .