Samsung S9+ price in India:  Should you buy two months before S10 launches?


There is so much confusion when it comes to buying a phone with so many options to choose from, and yet again a big dilemma whether to buy Samsung s9 plus or Samsung s10. Both phones come with a great range of features loaded with all the latest specifications and a great design.

In fact, a lot of reviews have revealed that people already having S8 are not looking to upgrade to S9+ because of not lack of major improvements. Rather, they are happy to wait for a little longer and grab the Samsung’s premier smartphone in the new year.

It’s a trend in the smartphone market, that is holding your money together and get value for your money later on.

Something similar is expected to happen with S10 too. With some interesting improvements, some significant ones from S9+, it becomes all the more relevant to wait. Moreover, the reports have revealed that the starting price of the new set will not be extremely different from that of S9+.

Hence, some smart decisions to be made. This is what we will ponder over in this blog.

Let’s have a sneak peek at both the phones


S9 plus comes with the following features:

  • Android 8.0 Oreo,
  • 6 GB RAM,
  • Expandable memory up to 400GB, which is just incredible, at least you won’t run out of memory anytime soon.
  •  The display oF phone is crystal clear with 6.2″ Super AMOLED ‘Infinity Display’, 2,960x1440px resolution
  •  18.5:9 (2.06:1) aspect ratio of 529 ppi, which will make your experience further exciting with Samsung.
  • However, with only 3500mAh  battery, you might have to carry your charger around.

Samsung has given it’s best to recapture the market by launching a great piece of technology with S9 but is it really worth at a price of around INR 64,000?

S9 is undeniably fast, extremely responsive but the camera could have been better at this price, 12 MP front and  8 MP rear camera doesn’t ring very promising bells at this price. However, the dual-aperture wide-angle shooter, image clarity and slow-motion recorder give it the edge over camera issues.

Samsung cameras in the past have always been known for shooting vibrant colours. This fact applies very much in Samsung S9 plus. However, some reviews have revealed that it has not the best low-light capturing capacity.


As per reports by GF Securities in China, Samsung S 10 will feature

  • A 12 GB ram
  • 1TB storage.

 Unlike in Note 9 device of Samsung which can possess 1 TB storage, using a memory card of 512 GB, S10 will provide a pure 1 TB storage, which is indeed an eye-catching feature.

Having said that, storage usage will vary from people to people. It should not be the only eye-catching feature kept in mind for those who are less interested in filling their storage with lots of stuff.

Not a lot has been revealed about this new set yet. However, according to reports, it will come with:

  •  6.4-inch Display
  • 19:9 aspect ratio
  •  1400 3040 pixel resolution
  •  5 cameras ( 2 at the front, 3 at back)

All these seem to quite compelling features for the public to wait for a couple more months and wait for the upgraded device. The above-mentioned features are indeed new benchmarks being set by the new model.

DJ Koh, the Samsung mobile business chief did say that the model will be with significant design changes and new colours which may be Black, Grey, Blue, Red and yellow. It is expected to have a 3.5 mm headphone port.

Another couple of hot leaks about this new device

  • An on-screen fingerprint scanner
  • An improved 3D face scanner

However, according to some other leaks, a battery which was not the greatest in S9+ either, is expected to make very little improvements.

AR emoji was one of the most talked about features of S9 range. However, the performance of this hyped feature was indeed below par. People found it difficult to make an emoji that looks like that and camera’s facial recognition for this feature was not effective enough. It will be very interesting to see if Samsung really continues with this feature and makes up-gradations.

Eventually, the price which is the ultimate benchmark will be key. Although no concrete information has been revealed regarding the same, all the leaks and reports suggest that the launching price will indeed be very much similar to that to S9+, and in rare cases, slightly less than it too.


Hence, after all the models that Samsung has developed of late, improvements were seen in the new models and the same could very much be expected with Samsung S10. Expected to be released in February 2019, it might be one of the most interesting phones of the new years. After all the valid and reliable resources, Samsung S10 will make fascinating improvements that make the case for holding your money in your hands just a little longer. In fact, since the price will not deviate much from S9+, a little wait is expected to fetch you very good results.

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