JioFi Dongle: is it easy to manage?


The resounding answer is “yes”. Millions of Indians have already found lots of value and convenience in using the dongle to get a high-speed connection on the go. And it doesn’t cost that much. Even though you might not be capable of hooking up several devices to the same hotspot, but if you use it only for a single smartphone, it’s truly a game changer. The JioFi dongle is truly a easy connecting functionality where many devices can be single connective. Power up the device and user it for connecting with as many people you want. The JioFi  dongle has the indicator of light with signal strength and connective lights  

JioFi Dongle users can change the admin page and making changes via local.html. It easily configures the page that remembers to assure password with a strong connection. It carry out symbols and letters to do with a default username and password. The step will automatically manage password and easily manage the JioFi Dongle users. It is fully optimized to change the device username for configuring in same step. By use a pin sharp one to press, it easily connect to devices via Smartphone users. 

Managing setting is very easy

You need to go to JioDongle.Local.Html, where you’ll be able to adjust all the settings you might want to. 

First, you’ll need to log in.

And then you’ll be able to filter MAC addresses, change configuration settings and use the in-device storage to share data with other users.

And the latter function can help you a lot when you need to transfer lots of various files for your work across the collaborating team. You need to record those files on the SD card first, insert it into the router and open the special page. There, you’ll see all the fields and you’ll be able to start sharing them either other devices.