Title: Teenage Drug Addiction – Causes and Remedies


Teenage is a difficult period where they face multiple issues and changes. In this challenging period, it is already difficult to manage everything but when it comes to being stressed and depressed, things become worse. Substance abuse is sometimes one of the experiments that kids do with themselves due to peer pressure or sometimes they are attracted to it to get rid of the issues and tension.

Substance abuse in teens can easily lead to addiction and no matter how sure they are, it never leaves them. Since the teenage brain is developing and is on the verge of growing very fast, substance abuse can affect their cognitions and behaviors. This is what parents need to be worried about. Most of the time, no matter how much you use the best parental control tricks, this is usually ignored by them because they don’t expect their kids to do something like this. Expectations can hurt your children especially when you have too much.

Why Do Teens Use Drugs?

You might not expect your kid to be involved in any such activity but multiple ignored reasons lead to this experiment. Parents ignore a lot of things when judging their kids. We need to understand the period that they are going through. Teenage is a difficult period which consists of different experiments and adventures. They explore everything that can lead them tousingthedrugs. It is noticed that teenage drug abuse is increasing every day. But, it is to be noted that the drug experiments are not surely leading to addiction.

If you want to treat your child, you must get to the depth of it as to why would your kids choose this path. Here are multiple reasons that lead to drug abuse:

  • Peer pressure is the most common reason for doing different and inappropriate things. Teens want to fit in the group of people they admire the most and for this purpose, they often are ready to do anything. Their so-called peers can ask them to try out substance for one time and this can lead to further use.
  • Teens do a lot of things out of curiosity as this is their age of exploring things. They want to try everything that they can to stay up-to-date and to feel like they are adults.
  • Teens often lean towards the use of drugs because they want to escape from the environment they are living in. The kids from broken families, or the environment where the parents only fight, often try things like drugs that can take them to another place where they feel good and relaxed.
  • Teenage is filled with stress, anxiety, and other emotional struggles. When the stress, anxiety, or depression kicks in, the first thing that kids do is to search for something that can give them relief and peace. This is when they start using drugs.
  • With alcoholic parents, it is most likely for the kids to fall into the same trap as their parents. So, the kids often try out drugs when their parents are seen to enjoying it.

If you want to treat your child, first look for the reason that led them to this scenario. Eliminate the cause and then move towards the solution.

Signs of Teens Drug Abuse

If you are noticing your kids in everyday life, you will notice the change in their behavior, physical health, and other things. You need to be aware of the minor changes so that you can talk to them about it. Here are some of the common signs of teen drug abuse:

  • They might be showing bad grades in their academic life. Or there may be some complaints from the school regarding their behavior.
  • They have bloodshot eyes all of a sudden.
  • They start laughing and showing inappropriate behavior for no reason at all.
  • They have started showing poor hygiene and they don’t take care of themselves anymore.
  • They don’t have an interest in the activities that they once used to enjoy very much.
  • They avoid eye contact with anyone.
  • You are noticing their eating food again and again.
  • They have this smell in their clothes and breathe.
  • They are showing secretive behavior.
  • They are usually tired for no reason.

If you are noticing many of the above signs in your teens, it is time to take a step. First, look into their rooms for any signs of drugs or substance. Then talk to them very politely about the situation going on.


How to Treat Teen Drug Addiction?

It is devastating to find out that your teen is abusing drugs. No parents usually expect their kids to do this but when they find out, it breaks them. But it is not the time to mourn; it is the time to do something to get hold of the situation and stop it from getting any worse. Here are some of the things that can be done by the parents to handle the situation:

  • Communicate to them about this. First, you must talk to them about the situation that you think is going on. Let them confide in you, don’t scold them. Let them talk to you about how it started and what is happening right now.
  • Don’t tell them to stop right away. You can’t lock them into their rooms and expect them to leave their habit once and for all. Instead, give them time, teach them about the consequences, and let them feel that they need to be treated.
  • Use parental control software to make sure you know everything that is going on in their life. Is there a friend who is forcing them to do this? What exactly is the pressure? You will know much by monitoring them.
  • If the situation gets worse, you need to take them to a facility to get them treated. You can’t expect a difficult situation to be solved on its own. But, talk to them about it, tell them how they need this and how they will be all better once they are out.

Dealing with teen drug addiction is one of the most difficult things that parents have to handle. But, you can do it once you understand your kids.