Implementation Guide for NIST 800-171 for Ecommerce businesses


Any business owner who wants to figure with the Department of Defense (DOD) has got to ensure their organization is secured against cybercrime. While even large firms can have trouble maintaining safety rules and regulations, it’s uniquely burdensome for smaller companies with modest IT budgets. That’s why we’ve put together this dedicated NIST CSF and NIST 800 171 implementation guide targeted specifically at small to medium businesses.

NIST Implementation for Small-Medium Sized Businesses

The United States government requires all contractors it works with, regardless of how big or small, to stick to certain safety precautions. this is often very true of a governmental agency as large and important because the DOD, which commands a budget of 716 billion dollars annually, employs over 2.87 million Americans, and spans over 4,800 sites across 160 countries. So, what does it fancy to meet these NIST safety requirements? For starters, you would like to understand how to:

  • Implement the general NIST Cyber security Framework
  • Understand the granular details of NIST SP 800 171 implementation

With this information, you’ll know everything you would like to be fully NIST compliant and prepared to serve the DOD.

What is NIST Implementation, and Who Does It apply To?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) may be a subdivision of the Department of Commerce. It’s liable for developing standards for all kinds of products and services, including digital infrastructure. The NIST has created numerous technological safeguards and security protocols that govern the way cyber security works across various industries. Implementation of NIST standards depends heavily on the character of your business and industry. For example, the NIST’s Cyber security Framework (CSF) isn’t strictly required for any organization on a national level, just strongly recommended. But companies comprising the critical infrastructure of the country could also be required to implement the CSF by industry standards. On the opposite hand, the controls detailed within the special publication “Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations,” also referred to as SP 800-171, are required for all DOD contractors. Implementation is therefore mandatory.

Implementing the CSF facilitates following any and everyone other NIST controls, as most special publications (including SP 800-171) have indexes mapping their specific niches onto the CSF. We have you covered if you are an existing or future DOD contractor who has to apply NIST SP 800-171 implementation, or if you are a firm wanting to adopt the larger NIST CSF. RSI Security is your first and best choice for all cyber security solutions; our specialists have over a decade of expertise assisting businesses of all kinds in remaining compliant and safe.

We understand that compliance is not the end of cyber security, but rather the beginning. We will assist your firm in building its cyber security architecture from the ground up and adjusting to any difficulties that arise. We provide far more than just detailed tutorials like this NIST 800 171 implementation guide.