Camera MX


Photography today has become one of the highest forms of art. Artists can earn many millions of dollars, just by the sale of a single photograph. Thanks to the rise of smartphones, with high end cameras built into them, most of us have been given the chance to test our skills in this field. 

Photography which was once reserved for the rich and the elite, has become as important as other necessities in our lives. Many of us like to take pictures, of our daily lives, our travels, our achievements and unforgettable events, and then share these with the rest of the world via social media, so that our fellow humans can experience our emotions and feelings, and get closer to each other. Obviously, we want to put out the best image or the most eye-catching ones.

Camera MX was designed with all of the above in mind. It has so many special features that make it stand out from the crowd. Just like any Android camera apps, it has the basics, like the ability to take pictures and shoot videos, but it has so much more to offer.

Features of Camera MX

  • The most outstanding feature of this app is it’s, Shoot-the-past feature. So basically, when you use this feature, it captures a few seconds of footage just before the actual shot. This is very useful, when you are photographing fast moving objects like animals or children, or if you are taking pictures from a moving vehicle. This feature allows you to save any number of snapshots taken before the actual shot, so that you will not miss any precious pictures.
  • Real time effects: allows you to take pictures or videos with a special effect already superimposed on your screen. Camera MX offers a plethora of fun effects to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of your pictures.
  • Live Shots: enables you to make your photos come alive, by recording a few seconds of footage before you take the actual picture.
  • Awesome effects such as kaleidoscope, helps bring out the artist in you, by manipulating the images in unique ways, that will surely make your audience ponder over them for a minute.
  • Video editing: Two stand out features of the Video editing option is the ability to trim the videos, without having to download a separate video editor, and the ability to make slow motion highlights on your videos, by just pressing on the screen hard, for however long you want the slow-motion effect in the video to last.
  • Picture editing: in addition to many different filters and effects that this app provides, it also gives you the option of overlaying your pictures with special effects.

Best Camera app for TV BOX

If you are using your Android TV for zoom meetings, video calls and etc. you can use this camera app. MX Camera for TV provide better quality photos and videos. You won’t be able to find this camera app on Play Store TV or Amazon App Store. For that you have to use third party app store like AppLinked or FileSynced.

First create a free account on AppLinked, FileSynced or Unlinked. All those three app stores are same, choose your favorite. Create a free store using any above choices. Download Camera Apk and upload to your store. Now you can install that Android camera app on any TV box for free.