How to market your site through Motion Graphics


Motion Graphic, which means animation, is animated presentation of graphics with aim of clarifying & simplifying information.

The word “Graphic” means images, diagrams, diagrams, llustrations.

The word “motion” means “movement,” and the word “motion” is added, usually with sound effects, voiceover, and sometimes music as a background.

Why should we use Motion Graphic?

Imagine with me that if you want to know your customers or clients about your new product or services that you provide on your site,

This may take many weeks or months.

With the development in e-marketing science, statistics have proven that a visitor can leave your site in just 10 seconds

If he can’t get what he wants smoothly (this is what the user experience delivers) or know what to offer on your website.

Here comes the role of motion graphic, and it is considered an integral part of the content of your website, so when designing websites, you should put images for them, and the images are the motion graphics.

You provide the customer within a few minutes everything he needs to know or learn before starting and dealing with your site or your own product.

How to use Motion Graphic in Marketing ?!

Once you decide to use Motion Graphics in branding

You should think about the following:

First: Who is the target audience?

Second: What is the message that you want to convey?

Third: How will you convey the concept or message?

By answering these three questions, motion graphics is your magic key to the success of your marketing experience.


1- The cost is small compared to traditional marketing methods such as banners and TV ads.

2- It is also more striking than still images.

3- You can even deliver more information through it.

4- Get the customer’s attention for a longer period.

In short, if you want to convert your website visitors and online channels into customers

You must use it in your marketing strategy.

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