Securing Instagram Password – What To Do When You Lose It?


Most people use password managers because remembering those complicated ones is not easy. However, you do not have a choice but create it as complex as possible. And the tendency is, you forget them all the time. And one of these sites that require a complex password is Instagram. So what do you do when you cannot log in to your Instagram account anymore? If you do not know how then here’s what you need to do.

Reset Password: Directly From Website

One way to retrieve your password is to reset it directly from the Instagram website. You need to go to the IG website, and once you are on the log in page, click ‘forgot password.’ You provide your username, email, and phone number, which you provided when you set up this account. You have to pass through the security check then select the “Reset Password.” Wait for the email that will include the link for you to reset the password. Then follow the on-screen instructions until you can successfully change the password to a new one.

Reset Password: Directly From App

If you are accessing your IG account through the app, resetting your password through this portal is easy. First, you open the IG app, and this will direct you to the login page. But instead of logging in, click the “Get help signing in” below the login button. Then it will direct you to the ‘Find Your Account’ page.

This is where you can enter your username, email, or phone number linked to your IG account. You will also choose from “Send an Email,” “Send an SMS,” and “Login with Facebook,” where you can set a new password. Then follow the on-screen instructions. These steps work the same both for the Android and iPhone/iPad versions.

Introducing, InstaEntry Hacking Tool

Another way to have access to your Instagram account is to use InstaEntry and InstaEntry password finder. It is a paid tool that can hack most Instagram account. You need to visit the InstaEntry website to purchase the hacking software. Most IG accounts can be hacked, but according to the InstaEntry developers, their IG hacking system is not perfect.

There are Instagram accounts that the tool cannot hack, and this includes advertising accounts, popular accounts with a huge following, and those created before August 2012. InstaEntry is currently one of the most popular software to use for hacking any Instagram account.

If this time, you want to have access to your old Instagram account, then these are just the simple ways to retrieve your password. And if you want to use the InstaEntry tool, it is also a good option for a hassle-free process.