A simple hack to make your text messages disappear


Privnote is a free online service that allows you to send text messages that self-destruct after being read. Using PrivNote to send private notes is an easy way to have confidential conversations without leaving a trail.  Privnote, found at https://privnote.com, allows you to type or paste any text into a private note that looks similar to an email. You can choose how long the note remains – from just 1 minute up to 7 days. Once you hit send, the generates a unique URL to share however you like – email, messaging app, etc. When the recipient opens the link, they can read your note. After the set time limit, the note is completely deleted from Privnote’s server. The service is run by a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. Data is encrypted end-to-end so that not even Privnote admits can access the contents of notes. It makes it a secure way to share confidential information that doesn’t want to be stored online indefinitely.

 Privnote for private messages

There are a few key benefits to using Privnote for your sensitive conversations:

  • No permanent record- Unlike normal messages, Privnotes do not leave a trail. They vanish without a trace based on the expiration time you set.
  • Sender control- Only the sender has the URL to access a note. Recipients can’t forward or share a Privnote.
  • Peace of mind-Privnote’s policy of encrypting data and not storing notes provides assurance your messages stay private.
  • Works anywhere- Privnotes can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.
  • It’s free- Privnote doesn’t have pricing tiers or ads. Anyone can use it at no cost.
  • For situations where you need confidentiality but don’t want to rely on the other person permanently deleting messages, Privnote is an excellent solution.

 Send a self-destructing note in 3 easy steps

Go to Privnote.com

Pull up the Privnote website in your web browser of choice. The homepage has a text box with indicators for note settings.

 Type or Paste Your Message

In the text box, type or paste the text message you want to send privately. You can include links, images, formatting, etc.

 Set Expiration and Send

Use the dropdown menus to select when you want the note to expire after opening. Settings range from 1 minute up to 1 week. When ready, click more info through tornote.io.” It generates a unique URL for your message. Copy this URL to share however you want. When your recipient opens the link, they can read your note. Once the expiration time passes, the note is automatically deleted from Privnote forever.

 Privnote security features

  1. Privnote was designed to give users confidence their private notes do disappear. Here are some key security protections:
  2. No accounts-You don’t need to create an account to use Privnote. Just visit the site and start creating notes.
  3. SSL encrypted- All Privnotes are transmitted over a secure SSL-encrypted connection.
  4. No storing data-Notes are automatically deleted from Privnote’s server based on your expiration setting.
  5. They are tracking- Privnote doesn’t use cookies, web beacons, or other tracking methods.
  6. Open source- Anyone can audit Privnote’s code since it is open-source software.
  7. Swiss hosting.- Privnote is hosted in Switzerland under strong privacy laws. User IP addresses are not logged.