Quick Video Recorder


Need to try a nice video recorder on your Android too? Then go for the amazing video recorder app Quick Video Recorder. This can identify as the simplest way to record your video with high quality. no sounds. Just tapping on the screen, you can start your recording. Very easy and simple.

Features of Quick Video Recorder

This is very popular among most of the android users because of its simplicity in using the app. Only you have to open the app. Then the recording start. If you want to record your video quick then Quick Video Recorder is the best choice for you. This is more popular all around the globe due to some of the other features like screen- off recording mode, schedule recording, editing videos and many more.

Screen -off recording  

Here you can record your video even if the screen is off. This mode allows you to record videos secretly without letting others knowing that you are recording a video. This feature helps you a lot if you are with a special secret mission s police, press or etc. It will surely is a good option if you try to use it for good. 

As well this record your videos on background. You can use your mobile or the tab for some other function while recording the video. You can set your device to vibrate when the recording is started or stopped. 

Scheduled recording

This feature helps you to schedule your videos. You can schedule recording to record your everyday zoom class with the help of this option. You can set whether to use the front camera or the rare camera, can set the date, start time, time duration using this nice feature.

Video editing

This feature helps you to edit your videos after recording. You can trim your videos to remove the unwanted parts and keep only the best or the needed parts with you.

In addition to the above key features there are some additional features as below:

  • Ability to enable or disable the shutter sound.
  • Ability to enable or disable the video preview mode.
  • Support for both front and the rare camera.
  • You can select your storage location easily. Device storage or external storage.
  • Can use the preferred video resolution from multiple resolutions like full HD-1080P, 480P, like wise.
  • Can activate or deactivate features like video stabilizer, noise reduction and so on in here.

Nice tool to record your videos quickly and simply with high-quality also. 

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