Difference Between IP Cameras and HD Over Analog CCTV Camera Systems


The surveillance technology isgoing through a revolution with advanced innovations being introduced each day. It is important that your security system stays updated with these changing advances in the security technology sector. 

Today merely having an analog camera installed isn’t enough as it seldom records and creates footage. Whereas the advanced technology CCTV camera systems provides multi-dimensional solutions. Everyone wants to feel secured with latest securitytechnology and this is why the basic analogue cameras have become outdated. 

Now when you plan to switch your security system from the basic security camera system to an advanced security technology, the next question is which one to choose. Having so many new technologies being introduced in security cameras, it is important to have a fair idea of available options, distinguish between them, analyse your needs and then make the final decision. The two major types of CCTV camera systems are IP cameras and HD over analog camera. Here is a detailed differentiation between these two security camera systems that would help you in making right decision. 

What is IP camera? 

IP camera is a security camera system that can transmit audio and video through network cables, which is why they are also known as network cameras. Each IP camera has a unique IP address. IP camera system produces footage with better image and video resolution that analogue cameras. The IP cameras provide you remote access to the recorded data provided if you have an internet connection on the device you want to use for viewing. It comes with cutting edge features like digital zoom and progressive scanning, which means that you can get images of clear quality even when you are zoom in or retrieve images from moving video. The frames rates and resolutions can be adjusted as per your requirement to observe the details of the footage. It also provides two-way communication and set ups alerts about suspicious activities. 


What are HD over analog camera? 

HD over analog camera is one of the newest additions to security camera systems and hence comes with all the advanced features. If you do not wish to go for analog camera or IP security camera systems then HD analog camera can be a good option. This camera basically provides HD quality images and videos with analog technology. In simple words it is a mixture of IP camera systems and basic analog CCTV camera systems. It makes a great choice if you are already a fan of analog security camera system and now looking to upgrade the same with newer features for better quality footage. HD over analog camera system is also called HDCVI that is high definition composite video interface. 


Advantages of IP security cameras

The IP security cameras come with many facilities like better quality images, video resolutions and many advanced features like ethernet connection, Wi-Fi and more. This means you can have a wireless CCTV camera system or atleast one with minimum cables. Ip camera’s biggest advantage is the quality of details it provides in its captured images and videos. 

 Disadvantages of IP security cameras

Along with the above-mentioned advantages, IP camera has some drawbacks as well. IP cameras consume more bandwidth while streaming the recorded footage on your personal device remotely. Ip cameras are more expensive than analog or HD over analog camera systems as they provide so many extensive features. Also, the installation procedure of IP camera is complex as compared to others. 

Advantages of HD over analog cameras

HD over analog camera or HDCVI’s biggest advantage is that it provides a resolution as good as 1080 pixels that too without being as pricy as an IP camera. The HDCVI cameras come with longer cables and easy-to-use equipment that also save on costs of individual cameras. It comes with a 500 feet long cable that can be used to transmit images and videos recorded in the camera to your personal device. For people owning a basic analog system, upgrading to the HDCVI system is more convenient as all they need to do is install an HDCVI camera or HDCVI DVR. 

Disadvantages of HD over analog cameras

Unlike IP cameras, the HD over analog camera system doesn’t with the option of ethernet or Wi-Fi. It requires a separate power supply or distribution box to transmit data. Also, there are limited options for customization in case you have specific surveillance needs. 

CCTV camerasystems are available with different features at different costs, to get the best deal you must analyse the offered features with the security requirement of your space.