Should SMEs focus on building apps in late 2020?


The whole of 2020 has been a very different experience for mobile app development Dubai. Since the start of the pandemic and with major lockdowns in many countries, life has been halted. Now, this has bought some good news for small enterprises. Many SME’s (Small to medium enterprises) have been affected devastatingly however the world of tech and software has enabled them to make a complete shift online. From home delivery apps to health tests at your doorstep, almost everything is now online. This has been done in order to make sure business operations remain running and there is little affect on profits. Basically, SME’s just could not afford going out of business when many were doing so and this is why mobile app development Dubai should be continued by SME’s:

  1. Make it the new normal:

Without having an application, survival in the world of mobile app development Dubai is uncertain. And now that the world is under the grip of a worldwide pandemic, it is important that businesses adapt. Mainly newly formed SME’s and other enterprises have been greatly hit by the unannounced arrival of this virus however, there hasn’t been a better time to start their applications and delve into the dynamic world of mobile app development Dubai. Building an application can allow SME’s to continue with their operations and maintain their revenues. 

Many startups and businesses are coming up with ideas of building apps which can provide viable solutions to the market. One such innovation I have seen is Salon grooming software, which can help customers to book their favorite artist over the app.

  1. Become famous with your audience:

There really could not be a better to dive into the tech world. Many a times SME’s find it difficult to place their services and products on the map which is why they lose a large chunk of their share for profits. This is why mobile app development Dubai as this time a like striking a pot of gold because almost everyone is confined to their homes and need services there. If you own an SME that is finding it hard to maintain revenue, take a leap of faith and invest into app development. Your business could take off instantly once its on the market and this will help you get recognized by your audience and fix a foothold for a long time. 

  1. Offer services out of your core provision:

Another reason why the latter part of 2020 is a good time for mobile app development Dubai is because you can expand. If your SME isn’t one that can be digitized effectively in some way then you need to look at other services that you can provide via an app. Here are some:

  • Apartment management apps 
  • Find a babysitter
  • Health apps such as recording diabetes
  • App to select eyewear
  • Personal services at home such salon and grooming 
  • Senior dating app 
  • Recipe apps with videos 

So, now that you know why SMEs need an app in 2020 what are you waiting for? DXB apps has the right professional services for your mobile app development Dubai. Contact us or visit our website for more information.