Using mobile apps to enhance recruitment


The best recruitment software solutions now offer mobile applications to support their product. Integrated recruitment software has made this conceivable. All the information is now readily available in one place and can be accessed from any device.

These mobile apps increase efficiency because you can recruit on the go. In the competitive world of recruitment, being quick and ready is how you can actually close your deals. The recruitment process is shortened if you are quick to communicate and follow up on events.

Basic functions of recruitment mobile app

  • You can easily search and find information about candidates.
  • You can use the mobile app to add notes which you can share with your colleagues in real-time. This way they are always aware of anything important.
  • You can also enter your meeting notes to the app just so you don’t forget any essential details.
  • You can get a quick review of your notes if you only have a few minutes before important meetings.
  • All your communication is recorded in real-time in your database.

Why recruiters use mobile app for recruitment!

Nowadays, recruiters don’t stop working just because they are no longer in the office or if it is outside their normal office hours. Quick communication is key to attaining good placement opportunities. Missing out on making important phone calls or answering emails on time could cause you to lose important deals which is a serious risk for a one-person business or a small recruitment company.

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As you go about your search for the most suitable recruitment software CRM, do ask if they provide mobile apps. Most software companies are now offering the mobile app as an additional but integral feature of their cloud/web-based CRM recruitment software platform.

Recruiters pay a nominal fee for the app while some software suppliers like Voyager even provide the app for fee. Many recruitment agencies are increasingly encouraging their recruiters to use these mobile apps more often. Software integration has made this a convenient recruitment tool. Now recruitment database can easily be accessed from this app.

  • Do it on the go

You need to make calls, send emails or send messages when you’re on the move. The mobile app is the most convenient way to do so. You have prompt access as long as you have internet/broadband connection. Recruiters need not hurry back to the office to do the little tasks. As your data is integrated, you will be able to search and contact your clients or your candidates from the app.

  • Fast access to key information

Let’s say you got a call from an old client asking for a quick meeting. If the client wants to see some resumes or asks about potential candidates for an immediate start, a quick search will get you the results.  Need important documentation or want to take a quick look at new company fees? Just log onto your mobile app.

  • You can do it all with your handy mobile phone

Mobile phones have become almost an extension of our physical selves. So, for a recruiter on the move or on holiday, it is easy to catch up on urgent tasks without having to haul your laptop around. You can also check what your colleagues are doing and be updated.