An E-Shop’s Doctor Is VPS Hosting


In this article I am going to briefly explain why an eCommerce store needs an A VPS server in order to function properly.

Many eshops start their presence on the internet, either dynamically or incrementally, but few reach a good goal. What we call nationwide range – sales all over the country, or even better, abroad.

How do they do that?

First of all, let’s start with the basics. It goes without saying that you have:

  • Technically excellent website construction, which has as its main concern the usability and online sale and,
  • Proper extroversion to Social Media, through good education, hospitality and support.

Having these two, and according to your contribution to Social Media, your online store will start to climb sharply in traffic and soon make sales.

From my personal experience in the eshop building business since 2008, I must inform you that perhaps the most basic core of eShop is the server that serves it. 

Approximately 99% of the problems from new customers who approach me to repair their eShop, is solved by moving the website to a good VPS.

Want to know the main differences of VPS hosting from Share hosting? Let’s get to it right away.

So, what is VPS Hosting anyway?

VPS Hosting And Eshop Take-Off

Quite succinctly, let’s list some of the improved features that an eShop enjoys with VPS as a key catalyst.

By hosting eShop in a good VPS, we have the following improved services:

  • Excellent SEO

There’s no way on Google’s 1st search page we’ll find a website that’s slow to load, or a website that doesn’t work well, or doesn’t load at all. Google requires a server response time of less than 0.2 seconds!

Between two same websites, comes first to Google, the one that has a better, faster server.

Your website can serve many more concurrent visitors faster every day, and of course with greater scope. For example, all over the country or abroad.

  • Immediate Support and Education

A proper hosting company must educate and support its customers. With larger hosting packages, you are provided with more monthly support hours and more prompt service.

  • Secure Navigation Using an SSL Certificate

We distinguish an eShop if it has SSL from the green padlock that appears in the browser when we visit its website.

SSL practically offers data encryption. If, for example, the customer enters his or her details, they are sent encrypted. This will make transactions through your online store much more secure.

Your customers also feel safer when they use your online store.

We hope you enjoyed our article on why your eshop should be hosted on a VPS server. If you believe it gave you value, then I would appreciate it if you shared it with your social media channels and friends. I’m sure they will appreciate the fact that you are sharing great content with them.