Types of Web Hosting Services Available


There are various sources and strategies that you rely on for spreading or growing your business. One of these strategies is making use of a website where you can promote your business by uploading details of products and services that your company offers. As website hosting can be an expensive affair, you need to look for a cheap web hosting service that can offer you all the benefitsat low prices. Given below are some types of web hosting services that you should know about before getting one for your business: –

  • If one wishes to drive a large amount of traffic to the website, then cloud-based web hosting should be preferred. This web hosting plan allows lots of individual servers to work together in order to look like one giant server. Another advantage of using cloud-based web hosting is more commodity hardware can be added, in case one feels the growing needs and a large grid or cloud can be generated. 
  • Dedicated servers are ones that you rent from a hosting company. Dedicated servers are amongst the top level of servers, and the hosting company can even provide full control if you want. It prevents any kind of unwanted events such as taking up extra resources or slowing down the website, which might otherwise occur while using a shared server. 
  • If one is looking for cheap web hosting, then the shared server is one of the options that can be considered. In shared hosting, a server is shared by many websites along with your business website. It is one of the most common typesof servers used by the new businesses as the setup and running cost is minimal. Also, there is one disadvantage attached to it,i.e. if your website shares the server with a popular site; then it can adversely affect the performance of your business site by increasing the load on the server. 
  • Colocation web hosting is another interesting type of web hosting that one can opt for. Herein, you can rent rack space from the data centre and bring your own server hardware. Things like power, cooling, physical security and internet uplink are provided by the data centre. This basically means that you are responsible for the server and things related to it like data storage and backup procedures. You will be completely accountable if anything fails and it will be your responsibility to replace it or repair it. 
  • In self-service web hosting, buying a server, installing and configuring the software along with taking care of sufficient cooling and power in the data centre is your responsibility. In a way, it’s similar to Colocation web hosting, but it’s a level up plan which requires most things to be done by yourself. 
  • VPS or Virtual Private Server is one server, but it acts like multiple servers, thus makes the website performance much better. This type of web hosting shares the benefits of dedicated servers and shared servers but effectively eliminates the disadvantages of each. This is because it is available at a comparatively low priceand there is no worry about the co-hosted websites affecting the performance of your website.
  • One of the great options for both the start-up business and the established ones is to use the WordPress platform for hosting a website. This type of web hosting is known as managed WordPress hosting and is gaining popularity nowadays as it effectively helps to protect the website from the security threats by keeping the hackers away. 
  • Reseller web hosting is similar to shared hosting, but it’s different in a way, as it has the extra tools that could help to resell the hosting space. This service includes private server names which make the business look bigger and the hosting company also handles the client’s technical issues (white label technical support). It is advised to avail this service only if one wishes to sell the web hosting as a business, otherwise sticking to the shared hosting is better. 

Looking at the business requirements, one should decide which type of hosting service will suit them best. Also, one should prefer looking for a cheap web hostingservice, so that the saved money can be used in other important functions of the business.