Get Consistent Web Traffic To Your Blog Or Website With A Process


How do you get traffic (visitors) to your website? This question or some similar questions get asked a lot over the years, and yet no one seems to give a perfect answer/solution. You can always start with some quick and simple methods. They are quick because they can let you start quickly, and every new blogger or new owner of a website would have to go through in the beginning.

  • Create share worthy content and share the content. The content is never restricted in a single format such as text/article, but it may be a video, an audio file, an image, a GIF, etc.
  • Build your own email list through your website and/or with any other means. This will go down very well for your online long term success when you start doing this early – As early as day one.
  • Take photos and/or design infographics, and share them on Pinterest. You must know that Pinterest is not just a place for photos, but a search engine for images. This means people search for images/photos on Pinterest.

If you believe you are running out of ideas on how to get traffic to your new website/blog, and if you believe you need a process to get through the whole thing, use this free traffic sources list. It is “free” because not like traffic channels where you need to actually pay to buy ads in exchange to get visitors to your website, these methods/sources in the list are for you to practice and get traffic for free of charge. All it requires is your effort. The best use of this complete list is not to attempt all the traffic sources it has mentioned. Your time is limited, and you will always run out of time. Focus on the traffic channels (or sources) that you can do well, and do it consistently and regularly.

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Create a strategy for the marketing of your new blog/website. The strategy is often referred as an internet marketing or digital marketing strategy. The main use of it is for marketing a product or service online. The service or product would have been displayed or made available on your website. When it is services, it may be logo design, website development, content writing, virtual assistant, etc. When it is products, it may be a CRM software, a CMS platform, a SaaS product for a specific need, etc. The digital marketing strategy may include activities such as: content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media marketing, paid search advertising, display advertising, retargeting, programmatic advertising, influencer marketing, video marketing, and more.