All You Need to About VPS Servers


For any website to run it requires a host supporting it. If your host is weak or inefficient, it will hamper the overall performance of your website. VPS web hosting is the most popular choice for businesses in all categories.

What is VPS web hosting?

VPS web hosting demands the input of VPS servers.A Virtual Private Server or VPS is created when a single local or physical server is divided into several virtual servers through the use of a hypervisor.

It is like creating an independent server ecosystem within a server shared with others. Each utilizes their respective operating resources and systems. What makes VPS hosting different from shared hosting is the fact that it ensures every user gets a certain percentage of resources; unlike shared hosting where one uses more than the other.

Types of VPS web hosting

There are mainly two types- fully managed and self-managed.

  • Fully Managed: The hosting provider is a third-party who is responsible for the management of all VPS servers within the main server. They protect the serves from malware, install updates, monitor the server, etc.
  • Self-managed: Users are responsible for maintaining their servers. This requires intensive knowledge of how the technical system works. To set up a custom system, you need to take the help of web developers.

Pros and Cons of Using VPS Hosting


  • The great value of money: Businesses looking to get the advantage of a dedicated server at a comparatively lower price can choose a VPS. As users share the hardware, the costs get divided as such.
  • Minimal security risk: As it is on an independent server, it is more secure than other shared servers.
  • Customization: VPS can be set up as per an individual’s needs. You can also run your custom software, unlike other shared servers.
  • Guaranteed resources: Businesses don’t have to worry about sharing their storage space, bandwidth, or RAM with others in the system.


Though theoretically, there should be no problems with VPS web hosting, practical life is different.

  • Though the cost of VPS servers is less compared to a full-blown dedicated physical server, it is more expensive than shared servers. Those businesses without financial resources may not be able to use these.
  • Though the resources are guaranteed, the percentage received by users may differ in quality and quantity.

If your business is ready to be taken to the next step, then VPS hosting is the solution for you. Different packages offer different resources.