WordPress – Trending All Year Long


As many of us know that in the year 2019, WordPress rolled out version 5.0 which included a trending feature of block-based webpage designing. Ever since then the world’s most prevalent Content Management System (CMS), WordPress has been growing endlessly. As we have now moved on to 2020, WordPress has got more impactful things to promise in its new upcoming version. In this article, we will try to explore few latest WordPress trends. You can read more detailed insight on the new version of WordPress at our portal.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the major trend that you will see in the upcoming version of WordPress. A well-organized deployment of AI onto your website will surely help you get better results and analytics which will, in turn, help you improve your website. It is for sure that in the year 2020, people will get their websites AI-equipped.

Voice Assistant for Search Optimization

For almost a decade, people have been focusing on SEO to optimize their websites on search result rankings on leading search engines like Google. But over time the trend has changed, people nowadays are inclined towards using voice optimized search on websites. In the year 2020, voice optimized search is expected to be a game-changer trend that almost all the websites will try to capitalize on.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is an evolving trend in WordPress. This provides unique experiences to the website visitors by allowing the products showcased on the site to be accessed on their handhelds and trying them out virtually, before buying the same. Mobile has become one of the most important types of media through which consumers choose various brands of their interests and decide on purchasing. VR is likely to dominate eCommerce as it provides access to distinguish the product easier. Businesses will be profited by the use of VR and able to view the world in a new dimension.

WordPress is such an amazing and dynamic CMS that it has to keep evolving at a greater pace to match the market requirements. Maintaining a top position among all other CMS platforms by introducing the latest trends at regular intervals is not an easy task, but WordPress has been able to do so for quite some time now. Any organization which is seeking to implement new WordPress features can always visit the WordPress official website and download the same.