Benefits of Personalize Your Customer’s Shopping Experience


Dale Carnegie an American writer and lecturer once said“A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

This is the reason that why we often see companies and brands personalize marketing emails choosing the first name in their promotional emails. Evidently, this marketing strategy has been used by many marketers for decades together to improve their marketing efforts. As a matter of fact, this is backed by research that shows personalized email campaigns are more likely to receive a 29% higher opening rate and they are also having 41% higher click rates as compared to the ordinary ones. Hence if we haven’t started or considered yet implemented this personalized marketing strategy then we are profusely missing out. But before we plunge deeper into the why aspects of personalization, let’s begin by understanding it clearly, what is personalization?

What is personalized marketing?

For starters, personalization is much more than using a customer’s first name in emails. Personalization marketing is more than that, it is a strategy of its own which we can integrate into our emails social media, and blogs to get better results out of these marketing mediums.

The first step towards personalized marketing is the collection of data. The data can be of any sort which we have to collect depending upon various factors. How well we collect and measure data determines the success of our campaign. We can collect tons of data from email list segments or surveys, or other such sources. Which will help us in learning more about our users. Thus, this is the only way we can offer more personalized experiences through our marketing campaigns, will ensure that how our typical customer looks like and how we approach them. Once we achieve that we can reap its various benefits such as the following. If we are not having that much time at our hands there are various companies such as for example GroupBy Inc. which is a search, merchandising and SEO solution company. Enabled by machine learning they can empower our digital team to deliver a personalized site experience that demonstrably increases online revenue, empowers our merchants GroupBy Software are also well known for reducing the costs and complexities of IT.

Effectively target specific audiences:

The whole point of personalized marketing is that it gives us the ability to reach our specific audiences. As mentioned above by means of various data sources, we can run our campaigns more effectively targeting audiences based on their buying habits and interest. For instance, if an audience is more into movies we can use Pop culture references in our email campaigns blog post, or whatever we opt for a more personalized experience through content which will increase the conversion rate.

Create better content:

Personalized marketing is also one of a sure shot way which can help us to stand apart from the crowd as well as helping in creating better and unique content. That leaves a deep imprint on our customer’s memory. For instance, we can take a Coca-Cola who used personalization to launch its “Share A Coke” campaign. Where they printed the most common names on Coke bottles to attract more millennials. Which helped them to grow more sales for the first time in 10 years.

Build deeper relationships with customers:

Another key benefit of personalization is that it helps us in establishing a strong and more personal relationship with our customers. We can show that how much we care about each one of them by reflecting our gratitude in emails wishing them for their birthday or sending an email thanking them on the anniversary of joining an email list.