Why A Keyboard And Mouse Offer A Great Gaming Experience


Today people are divided in their opinion about whether a gaming console is better or a PC gaming is better. Some games can be played better with a controller while some are better off with a keyboard and a mouse. If we talk about racing and fighting games then these games are good to play with a controller, others offer a good experience when played with a keyboard and mouse. These are real-time simulations, first-person shooters,turn-based simulations, and role-playing games.

There are three main domains where the keyboard and the mouse can be used conveniently for playing games and these include macros, precision gaming, and hotkeys/key binds. A long-lastingrazer cynosa chroma would work well.

One of the main reasons why a person must use a keyboard and mouse is precision. If you want to aim at a particular point then try doing this with both a controller and a mouse. You will notice that this is easier to do with a mouse rather than a controller. This is because a mouse is much more quickly as well as a faster way to pinpoint a target. In gaming, every second does count.

The next reason to use a keyboard and mouse is the next factor and that is the use of hotkeys or the bind keys. Every person has his or her preferences and own set of keys that he or she finds comfortable to use when playing games. When it comes to using the WASD keys in moving the characters in the game then your hand can strike all the keys with a little movement only. Some people that like to use the ESDF keys for performing the same task. Therein comes the role of a keyboard and outlines its benefit. You can set up your keyboard according to your needs.

Next comes the macros part for using a keyboard and a mouse. Macros are nothing but a complex version of key binds in which 1 key performs multiple actions rather than a single action. There are not many games that can handle macros but the ones that can handle enable the usage of some keys for multiple actions. You can also use an efficient razer headset.

These three points illustrate and highlight the importance of the keyboard and mouse when it comes to gaming rather than using a controller. If you are someone that prefers using a controller then now is the time to replace it with a keyboard and a mouse. Try it out.