Things To Keep In Mind Before Opting For WordPress


As you all know WordPress is one of the credible and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) across the world. But before getting into the use of the same to develop your website, you should keep certain things in mind. You will learn more about the same in this article.

WordPress is not meant for blogs only

Though WordPress was known and used for blogs mainly in the beginning the same has drastically evolved over the years in such a way that it has become one of the leading and credible CMS for developing websites too. By using WordPress, you can easily develop your website with less technical knowledge and no need to spend money on developers. The easy to use GUI and user-friendly plugins of WordPress makes it comfortable to handle by less tech-friendly person.

Do not get confused between WordPress hosting and software

WordPress is a CMS software used to develop website but the same needs a WordPress hosting server also to deploy and host the WordPress developed portal. A domain name is also mandatory to host your website irrespective of the CMS you use. An FTP is used to connect to the hosting server space and WordPress is installed accordingly on to the server for hosting the website.

What is

Most of the users get confused by and think that this is the only WordPress website hosting service, provider. But the same is not true. This is one of the WordPress website setup and hosting service provider among many others.

WordPress is not free

Though you can download WordPress from for free, but you will be requiring a server space to deploy and host the same. For this, you have an option to use the basic hosting services of WordPress from The basic version has got certain feature limitations which you can overcome by upgrading it to the premium version as per your business requirement.

Choose WordPress themes wisely

All the WordPress themes are crafted differently, hence, choose them wisely as per your requirement. Always remember that each theme has got its peculiarities and reservations, choose them wisely. You should always look for responsiveness, theme options, posting customization features, and swift support while choosing any WordPress theme. If you ever face any problems with the theme’s functionality, you can always troubleshoot them by simply switching the themes.