What to Consider when Choosing a Laser Etching Service Provider


Laser etching stainless steel can provide your company with plenty of benefits, especially when marketing your brand. But often, business owners may overlook the advantages of working with the right laser etching service provider, leaving them unsatisfied with the results. Like many services, you should consider several traits before hiring any CNC routing services Perth offers. 

With so many etching and engraving companies, how do you determine whom to partner with for your next project? Keep reading to find out.

What do people say about them?

Referrals are perhaps the best source of information on whether or not to trust a service. Previous clients have first-hand experience when, so you can rely on their testimonials. You may ask your friends or family who havepreviously worked with laser etching and engraving services for referrals. 

Also, look online for reviews. Most positive or negative thoughts make determining a company’s reliability easy, but be careful when assessing mixed ratings. Read each comment for what they have to say; then, you can make a decision.

How long have they been working in the industry?

We all want to work with businesses that know what they’re doing. As we all say, “experience is the best teacher,” and laser etching companies that have been providing services for a long time may already be familiar with every aspect of their job. 

When visiting their website, browse for certifications indicating their years of experience and samples of their work, and possible awards. Some new companies may often have long-time experience, so inspect their portfolio, too.

What services can they offer?

Not all laser etching and engraving companies offer the same services since some may have specific specializations. Assess if they can make shallow and deep engravings, linear barcodes on ceramics and metals, mark logos and graphics around the external surfaces of cylinders and shafts, use CAD or graphic file formats for laser etching, and compensation for damages or loss.

You should also inquire about turnaround time and the prices of their services. 

If you are unsure which laser etching and engraving service provider to choose, we recommend partnering with Artcom Fabrication for high-quality design and manufacturing solutions.