Beginner’s Guide To VPN


Heard of it but got no clue what it is? VPN services have become a highly beneficial addition to computer and Internet use which have a wide array of different benefits.

They’re ideal for computer users of all levels of experience and are very easy to maintain once set up. If making your online surfing safer for you and all your family is your priority right now, keep reading to find out more about VPN and how it can help you out.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. In the most basic terms, it is a piece of software which you can install on to your computer, mobile phone or other devices as a gateway to the Internet. By connecting to the Internet through the VPN you are safeguarded by a whole host of security functions which are designed to keep you safe from hackers and potential cyber attackers.

Is it expensive?

If you search ‘VPN for free’, or ‘VPN kostenlos’ for our German readers, you will find that there are many VPN service providers in your search results who can provide free or affordable packages to protect you and your personal data while online.

Free isn’t always the best way to go as other paid suppliers can offer higher levels of protection for you and your family, however, if you find a service provider who ticks all the boxes you require then it makes sense to try them out.

What does a VPN actually do?

When you normally log on to the Internet via a public Wifi network there are many loopholes throughout the web which will allow hackers to gain entry into your activity and personal accounts. Not all websites have sufficient security or up to date patches which makes you vulnerable when using them. This is why little pop-ups appear commenting on security statuses of websites.

With a VPN network, your connection is completely encrypted, which means that only you can gain access into your current activity online. Encryptions have special keys to allow entry, and since you will be the only person with that piece of coding, the hackers will have a very, very hard time getting into the network. This protection itself is the main draw to joining up with a VPN service.

What are the other benefits?

After joining up with Kostenloser VPN ( free VPN ) you will not only have the assurance of being safe online, you will also be able to make the most of the fact you can disguise your location.

If you like to watch streaming services online to catch up on your favourite shows, you can beat the geo-locks often found on content by altering your location. Just by connecting up to a VPN server within a set country, like Germany, you will be able to watch exclusive content which only German viewers can watch. The same applies if you want to watch more content from other geo-locked countries too.