What Is Snowflake? Things to Know


At heart, Snowflake is a database platform, think Oracle or SQL Server, purpose-built from scratch for the cloud. Its designers kept acquainted with principles, sights, tables, SQL inquiries, yet threw away all assumptions regarding just how databases generally function as well as embraced everything cloud deals.

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Being cloud-native opens up all kinds of fascinating doors:

  • Totally different storage space as well as compute
  • Pay-as-you-go use with scaling as needed
  • Massive parallel processing or MPP
  • Long-lasting, distributed, and properly infinite storage

Let’s look behind each of these doors

Storage space

Snowflake breaks information into immutable, small files stored as numerous copies in low-cost as well as plentiful things storage, such as Azure Blob Storage Space, AWS S3, Google Buckets, created to reliably disperse and hold enormous amounts of data. The largest solitary data source run by a Snowflake client is four petabytes as well as expanding.

It keeps storage space totally separate from the calculation power utilized to question it, unlike a digital maker or a server, you do not require to pay for extra storage area to obtain a more robust engine, or even vice-versa. Snowflake named its compute engines as “warehouse,” to reinforce the concept that each division or individual can own “their information warehouse.”

Greatly Identical Handling

Under the covers, Snowflake utilizes an MPP style, comparable to Hadoop. Photo the fiction area of a collection, where they arrange all the books by the writer. Now visualize your wish to locate all the books with “dog” in the title. There may be a few lots, yet they’d be scattered around the racks, and you would have to check out each title in turn to discover them all. With MPP, when you say, “SELECT *FROM fiction WHERE title LIKE “%dog%,” a whole bunch of librarians follow out, each examining one rack as well as bringing the results back to you. Unlike Hadoop, however, you do not need to discover a new means of asking, Snowflake is totally ANSI-SQL certified, so you can compose the standard SQL inquiries you’re utilized to.