4 Data Storage Questions to Determine your Needs



If you are in the market for new business data storage – read this first! We know all there is to know about getting the best data deals for your needs… right down to how to determine what those needs are!

Let’s delve straight in and find out what questions you can ask yourself to determine your business data needs!

4 Questions to Help your Data Decisions

Want to buy the ideal data storage for your business? Ask yourself these four things before you buy…

1 – Does it Comply with the Law?

Compliance might not be the most important aspect for your industry – but it is a good place to start. Any data you store needs to comply with regulations, whether you live in the US, the EU, or elsewhere. If you store data on your customers, you have a legal obligation to keep that data as secure as possible.

On average, data breaches cost between $78 and $429 per client, depending on your industry. This figure (Statista) is based on 2019 evidence and does not include the damage such a breach does to your reputation. Staying up-to-date and data compliant can avoid all this. It really is a no-brainer.

2 – New or Used Data Storage?

You don’t always need to buy your data storage brand new. In fact, you can get the same software from refurbished systems, if you play your cards right. You can click here to go straight to a reputable source for refurbished data storage solution that might just save you a penny or two. Sometimes, refurbished is better than the original product because it’s a) costs less and b) comes with better software than the original did.

Just make sure you buy from a reputable source or you could be on the bad end of a deal.

3 – How Retrievable is the Data?

It is all well and good to store confidential client information in a data tower in a sub-basement somewhere… but what happens if you need it again? What if a patient moves back home after 25 years and you need to dig out his junior records? Does one unlucky intern have to go down there to find the tower, then trawl through it for days to find it?

You get the idea. Make sure staff are able to get to your storage if they need to. Otherwise you may be wasting your money… and your time.

4 – Do I need Offsite or Onsite Data Storage?

Do you need one storage system, or do you need two? Some companies, especially those that deal with sensitive data, need a backup for their backups, just to be safe. It’s not just the storage that needs to be considered here; you also need to think about having a dedicated customer data management plan in place. It is common to have an onsite and an online data storage facility, just to ensure you are always ready.

The onsite data storage you use doesn’t need to store long term consumer records, but rather is used for analytical data and that which is important for the survival of your business, should the worst happen.

Rounding Up

Working with these 4 answers, you should be able to determine what type of data storage is right for your firm. Remember: even though one size doesn’t fit all, bigger is always better when it comes to faster production in your business. Buy data to match and you will work smarter, not harder.