Benefits of Cyber Security Checkup


It is fundamental for businesses to have effective cybersecurity that can withstand any kind of breach or cyberattack. A great way to reap the benefits of cybersecurity is by enhancing regular cyber security checkups. A robust cyber security checkup bt Cyber Security Technology Solutions spokane wa can offer many benefits to a business entity. These benefits are discussed below.

Preventing Downtime

A data breach or a cyberattack could bring a business to a screeching pause. This is especially for businesses that don’t have a backup plan in place to quickly get the business back up and running. Therefore, businesses can prevent downtime and remain operational through a cyber security checkup as it prevents cyberattacks and breaches.

Educating Employees

A robust cyber security checkup can educate employees on how to identify attacks from hackers. Since there are different computers used in every business, educating employees on how to identify them can ensure that they are fixed before they cause permanent damage. Again, 90% of security breaches usually occur because of human error. During a cyber security checkup, the employees can be trained using videos or posters. This is an excellent strategy for businesses to defend themselves against any possible attacks.

Cybersecurity Checkups Minimize Costs

A breach or cyber-attack may cost a business a lot of money. For instance, a recent report indicated that one hour of downtime caused by a security breach could cost a business $300,000. Therefore, it is cheaper to implement frequent cybersecurity checkups. All the resources wasted in fixing the impacts of cybersecurity attacks can be used to run and grow the business. Again, small or medium-sized businesses that fall victim to security breaches often close within six months after the incident. This can be simply avoided by frequently checking if the business’s cybersecurity is secure.

Cybersecurity Checkups Maintain a Good Reputation

When running a business, business owners have to see to it that their customers trust them. Falling victim to a cybersecurity breach could break that trust. For instance, if the business is in the financial or medical industry, the personal data of clients could be leaked and accessed by the wrong individuals. Clients only trust businesses with their personal data if they believe it will be protected. If a security breach makes the business lose this data, clients may hire the services of other companies.

This is why it is essential to organize regular cybersecurity checkups. They can ensure that client’s personal data is kept safe from third parties, building the reputation of the business. Furthermore, frequent cybersecurity checkups help businesses attract new customers. Customers cannot recommend a business that lost their personal data because of a breach. However, if customers trust a business with their personal data, they can refer people close to them to work with such a business.


Strong cybersecurity allows businesses to remain financially solvent. To maintain strong cybersecurity, businesses must schedule regular cybersecurity checkups. These checkups help identify potential attacks that could lead to a breach or cyberattack. As a result, businesses have the chance to preserve money and establish trust with their clientele.