What Happens to a Laptop if it is not cleaned from Dust for a Long time?


Laptops are convenient and functional devices that captivated users all over the world. Laptop computers compare favourably with stationary computers with autonomy and the ability to work or play anywhere and at a convenient time. But experts do not advise you to forget that laptops need regular maintenance and cleaning. Let’s find out what happens to a laptop if it is not dust-free for a long time!

The main victim of dust pollution

Modern laptops never differ in “impressive” dimensions – on the contrary, the manufacturer always strives to completely fit the “filling” more powerful into a compact and thin body. As a result, the cooling systems of such devices initially operate at their limit. If the cooling fan becomes clogged with dust, the heat dissipation efficiency drops to a minimum. It’s easy to guess about this:

  • A laptop with a dusty cooling system is constantly noisy, the fans reach their maximum speed immediately after switching on.
  • Another common symptom is heating on the underside of the laptop. In advanced cases, the case heats up so that the laptop cannot be held on your lap!

If the device is new, in such cases PC repair Singapore technicians recommend scanning the system disk with an antivirus with up-to-date databases – these symptoms may indicate that the system is infected with malicious applications.

Reducing the total resource

Continuous operation in overheating mode is dangerous for all computer components. In such conditions, the degradation of chips is accelerated, and thermal pads dry out many times faster. But most of all goes to the device’s battery – in most modern laptops it is non-removable and is located inside the device case. Temperature drops have a deplorable effect on its resource, so the user has to contact the laptop repair Singapore service much faster to replace the battery.

Less functionality of the device

Another problem associated with dust and overheating is the decrease in laptop power. Overheating, the central processor and GPU go into the so-called throttling mode, starting to skip working cycles. Simply put, at this point the processor slows down dramatically, and the overall performance of the device drops to the level of a “calculator”.

The laptop can slow down so that even launching office applications takes several minutes! Of course, full-fledged work on such a computer is out of the question.

What to do if your laptop is clogged with dust?

In the case when users for a long time do not pay attention to the constant noise of the fans and the warming-up case of the device, the outcome is always the same – the breakdown of the chip or the central processor. Repairing such faults is quite difficult, and not every service will take a reball.

The way out is simple. If you notice that the laptop began to overheat and slow down instantly, contact the laptop repair service immediately. The wizard will not only clean and maintain the cooling system, but also scan for viruses – in some cases this is enough to get rid of overheating and freezes.