What are Emergency Transmitters?


Emergency transmitter or Emergency Situation Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) is a device to alert search and rescue solutions (SAR) in the instance of an emergency situation out at sea. It is a tracking tool that transmits a signal on a defined band to find a lifeboat, ship, life raft, or individuals in distress.

AN EPIRB is a secondary distress informing device which informs the SAR authorities in situation of distress. It is required to lug one EPIRB on every ship as well as two EPIRBS for all registered ships as well as various other types of vessels.

EPIRB and Their Types

  • COSPAS-SARSAT: EPIRBS under the system of COSPAS-SARSAT works on the 121.5 MHz and 406.025 MHz bands as well as can be used for every sea locations
  • INMARSAT E: It works on 1.6 GHz band of EPIRB services. These are applicable for sea locations A1, A2 as well as A3.
  • VHF CH 70: This deals with the 156.525 MHz bands as well as apply for sea location A1.

Maintenance of EPIRB

  • The EPIRB should be evaluated aesthetically for any kind of issues such as cracks
  • EPIRB should be cleaned from time to time with a dry fabric
  • While cleaning, the buttons need to be specifically examined
  • The lanyard of the EPIRB has to be nicely loaded right into the container of the EPIRB without any loose ends hanging about
  • The expiry date of the battery has to be checked to cover the instant along with the next voyage at the least
  • Send out the EPIRB back to the solution representative or the vendor if the EPIRB stops working the regular monthly checks
  • If the facilities are offered, adjustment of the battery should be done onboard, or if there isn’t, it has to be sent to the servicing agent
  • When the EPIRB has been used in an emergency, it should be gone back to an authorized solution representative for a battery modification
  • In the situation that the HRU has crossed its expiration date, the HRU should be replaced aboard, and HRU need to be marked with an expiry day two years right into the future