How to Open and Extract a RAR file Online?


The RAR file format was designed by the Russian software engineer, Eugene Roshal. A RAR file is the short form of the Roshal Archive Compressed file. It is a compressed file that contains more than one file and folders in it. It is similar to a normal folder but can hold a lot of files and folders in it. However, the RAR files can only be opened by particular software. RAR files, unlike other short forms that pronounce only individual letters.

We come across the RAR files only when we are downloading any software. These are compressed into small size to increase the speed of downloading. The RAR files are also used when you want to share a lot of files like images and videos. Instead of downloading individual files, you can compress it and then share it. It reduces efforts and helps in saving time. RAR files are also sometimes protected with the password. It also helps in providing security to the content inside the RAR file. Sometimes the RAR files are divided into partitions for easy transmission.

Windows cannot open the RAR files, you need to install a particular software in your system. When you double click on the RAR file there will be a notification saying that the file cannot be opened by the system. There is much software available to open and extract the files. Many websites provide you the facility. You can search for the RAR extractor online.

Steps to open and extract RAR files using an online web browser

  • Open the link to open the RAR files
  • Select the file to open and extract
  • The files will be uploaded and then click extract.
  • After the files are extracted the option to save the files to your local drive shows up.

These are the basic steps of most of the online extractors. You do not need to download any files to your system but still, you can open, view and extract the files you need.

The popularity of the RAR file is increasing day by day because it provides better compressions than other products. With the RAR files, it has become easy to repair the damaged archives. It also provides strong encryption of data. Also, the archives can be split into small chunks.