Video Marketing for Small Businesses 

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The growth of the internet and the rise of ecommerce have, to a very large extent, democratized the business world. For example, it is now perfectly possible to start a business venture almost from scratch and grow it online. However, this has led to a deluge of new businesses, with significantly fewer managing to progress to the point where real growth becomes a reality. Quite simply, it is more difficult to stand out, and you are dealing with a much larger – and much more fickle – potential customer base.

Azola Creative, an ecommerce marketing agency specializing in website design and lead generation services, say that this has made one form of marketing unavoidable for ecommerce website – videos. Just like ecommerce itself, video marketing is very viable, and it does not cost a lot to engage with it – sometimes it can even be free.

Nevertheless, true to the form of ecommerce, this greater ease of engagement makes it harder to stand out. Make no mistake, any business of any discernable success will be engaging in video marketing. So, again, you have to stand out. 

Videos for Small Businesses 

Video marketing then is something that you should be engaging in from the get-go with your online business. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, meaning that it is a marketing avenue open to all. For small businesses in particular, the benefits of video marketing lie in the ability to be seen on websites and social media pages which have an infinitely larger reach than your ecommerce site at the start of its life.

The Power of the Smartphone Video 

The rise of the smartphone, which has been in some sense concomitant with the rise of ecommerce itself (while somewhat later), has been another marketing revolution. In the past, videos (of all production value levels) would have been shot in landscape orientation and with TV or computer screens in mind. Now that the entire world – more or less – is shooting videos on their smartphones, low production value videos shot in portrait orientation are almost becoming the norm within video marketing. 

This has been because of the “viral video” sensation, which has seen videos made by ordinary people spread further and wider than many professional video marketing videos. The result has been, naturally enough, that ecommerce ventures have got in on the act. Create a believable viral video that some way involves your brand or product and you have hit the jackpot. And all for a very small cost. Click here for a Free Video file converter by Adobe Express 

Getting Started in Video Marketing 

Viral portrait-orientated smartphone videos aside, there are many ways you can get in on successful video marketing – right from the start. For a truly optimized marketing strategy, professional help is advised, but there is much to do to get started, 

Make Diverse Videos 

There are many kinds of videos you can make, and cheaply. From how-to videos to customer testimonials, and from product promos to behind-the-scenes videos, the best bet is to try them all and see what one has the greatest return. 

Reinforce Your Brand 

You brand, its logo, and everything associated can be very seamlessly integrated into videos on almost any topic. Creating brand identification is always wise, and it can be done by simply mentioning the brand and flashing up the logo at the end. 

Educate About Your Product 

Depending on what you sell, you can also educate your customers on how to use your product – or innovative contexts in which it can be used. This is helpful, and it’s certainly a form of marketing. 

Ultimately, video marketing can be done from the get-go, and you can refine and optimize it from there.