Functional Options with the Instagram Account

Social Media

Surely you have heard of Instagram, the social network par excellence for sharing visual content. What’s more, we could even bet that you have an account to which you have uploaded photos of your dog, of that delicious pizza you ate at the weekend or of those spectacular sunsets that have captivated you.

Instagram has become one of the most used social networks worldwide. But then, why is it so little considered by companies as a marketing tool?

Don’t settle for Facebook

You have probably already created a Facebook page for your brand and implemented a marketing campaign on it. However, you should not limit your brand exclusively to this social network.

Currently, Instagram has more than 300 million users and more than 70 million photos and videos are shared every day through this platform. This makes it, practically, an “infinite” opportunity to publicize your company. Also, thanks to the fact that Instragram is part of the Facebook family, the popularity of this app will most likely continue to grow. From sharemyinsights you can have the best solutions now.

The emotional side of marketing

If you had ruled out the use of Instagram as a marketing tool for your brand, I advise you to think again. Unlike other social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram gives your customers the opportunity to see the “human side” of your company.

If I have managed to convince you to use this application as a marketing tool, perhaps now you are wondering: but how can I implement it for my brand? This is why I will give you some tips to optimize your marketing campaign with Instagram.

Businessman touching virtual social network

  • Maximize your use of Instagram.
  • The power of visual content.

You decided to open an Instagram account for your product or service, Congratulations! This is the first step and perhaps the most important, because you are trusting in the power of this social network.

Study your market

Now, start analyzing why your customers and leads use this application; In this way, you can generate content that occasionally includes their likes. By generating attractive publications for your market, the safest thing is that it will be interested in periodically reviewing your profile.

Many companies go along the line that Instagram is only functional for those who sell a physical product. However, this is not a pretext for not squeezing its use. Do you sell an intangible product or a service? Explore the horizons! Post photos of your work environment, including, for example, images of how your work team celebrates special days or holidays. You can also show what you have done for your clients, and thus you will be able to inspire your prospects.

Don’t discard the filters

Make use of filters and other tools that this application offers to “beautify” your photos and make them as attractive as possible for your clients, but, above all, so that your leads show interest in your brand.

Find inspiration

Are you going through a creative block? See how large companies make use of Instagram and analyze both their publications and the interaction with their followers. You will surely find the inspiration you needed to implement an appropriate strategy for your brand.

Use trends as part of your strategy

Analyze which hashtags (labels) are in fashion and find a way to include them in your marketing campaign , so that your publications are seen by more and more users.

The unique hashtag

Try to create a unique hashtag that relates to your brand. In this way, your followers will be able to use it when sharing publications in which they use your product or service, generating that “more human” interaction that you are trying to achieve.