Great Options for the Instagram Likes for You Now

Social Media

Although your content feed on Instagram is your main storefront and also the big reason why you gain more followers on Instagram, it is important that you merge your feed content with original Stories that create a closer connection with your followers. Insta Stories have fantastic reach and a much higher view rate than the contents of the Instagram feed.

Instagram Stories are a fantastic creativity tool that allows you to create a closer connection with your followers. Usually, Stories are used a lot to show things from your daily life, your business backstage and / or to conduct polls, jokes and publish content that tend not to be posted on the Instagram feed, but that can be super interesting for your audience to know a little more about you and your work. You can buy automatic instagram likes in this case.

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Create a content spreadsheet

For an effective editorial calendar and as with editorial calendars for blog posts, it is essential that you put everything on “paper”, since paper nowadays means an Excel spreadsheet or Google Drive.

  • Define the type of content you want to publish – In the case of Instagram, we can define the types of content such as photography, stories, video, live, text content or just image, quote, etc. There are different types of developments that are possible to do, such as personal photography, work photography, day-to-day photography, travel photography, etc. Make your content targeting according to your needs.
  • Create a needs column – On the content type side, define what you need to supply to create that same content, from research, photo editing, filters, etc. This will help you prepare in advance for the creation of this content.

Define hashtags by content

Not all content requires the same hashtags. If you are publishing content related to an event you went to, for example, you will probably use hashtags from the event and the city. Make a survey of which hashtags to use in each publication in advance and analyze the volume of use of those hashtags (see below). We also recommend that you create a shortcut on your smartphone that allows you to replace the text with the hashtags you use. We will talk about this later. You can buy instagram likes and have the best time there.

Who is the target audience for this content?

Not all content aims to reach the same target audience. Defining your audience in advance can help you produce content that is more targeted at certain types of audiences. For example: in a photo about an event, you may want to reach the audience for that event. In a more personal photo, you may want to reach people interested in knowing who you are and what you do. In a 60-second video, you may want to reach people interested in the topic of that content only.