Training For A Career In Aviation And Aircraft Maintenance


The Avsoft online pilot training program is an example of modern online training programs that cadets and engineers in training go through while building a career in the aviation industry.

The aviation industry provides a range of related job capacities such as meteorology, piloting, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, various form of engineering, etc. All these require theoretical and practical lessons. And for pilot and aircraft maintenance cadets, the theoretical lessons can be delivered online. The availability of online training significantly impacts training outcomes, a reason why flight simulators are extensively used in flight academies.

How it works

An online pilot training consists of well-arranged modules and sections of theoretical lessons delivered via graphics, video, images, text, and audio (narration). The courses are extensive, touching every aspect of aircraft systems, piloting, and maintenance. The training materials can be edited to suit specific scenarios.

Online pilot training requires three essential components: the training material (content), a multimedia player, and a Learning Management System/Software (LMS). The multimedia player is as important as the training content because there is a need to deliver lessons in high-quality audio and video for cadets to make the best of them. The Learning Management System is a platform that providers access to both trainers and cadets to organize the training sessions effectively. The LMS provides an area for administration and management cum the tracking of cadet progress, creating and receiving reports, documentation, delivery (online and offline viewing), and general functions.

The LMS has two interfaces; the student and trainer interfaces. Each of these provides the needed functionality.

It is important to note that online pilot programs do not always come with an LMS; they are two different components. However, Avsoft online pilot training has a proprietary LMS platform that makes it easier to deploy training.

Benefits of online training

  1. Ease of navigation: Online training is organized such that users can easily navigate the various sections without stress. The UX is designed to ease navigation.
  2. Building confidence: Avsoft online pilot training, for example, is created by top instructors in the industry. Knowing this gives cadets a high-level of confidence in using the course.
  3. Cost-effective:Using third-party courses significantly reduces the costs of lessons and can translate into lower fees for cadets.
  4. Flexible lessons:Trainers can create specific examples and training situations that suit the class best. This flexibility enhances the efficiency of the training.