Consumers Are About to Stop Typing and Start Talking – Is Your Website Ready


There are up to 27 million pieces of content shared online every day. That’s a lot of content. What if that content could be found via voice search? Those are a lot of leads that could be headed directly to your company’s website. The potential is mind-blowing. 

Many people just simply have their hands full, no literally they’re too full. Being able to speak to a cellphone, computer, or an AI voice assistant is very helpful. People that use Smart devices are more likely to speak to search online for products, services, and information. Simply put, voice assistants are changing lives.

Voice Search Is Fast Becoming at Top SEO Service

When it comes to the best white label SEO tools, voice search is fast becoming a top service. Nearly 71% of people choose to search using voice over a keyboard and that percentage is growing. Right now, the features are somewhat restricted to information requests, playing music, checking on the local weather, or setting reminders. There are many challenges concerning voice search, but search industry giants like Google are starting to invest in machine learning solutions. That means you will be seeing greater implementations in the next five years.

Should Your Company Start Planning for Voice Search?

It’s a great SEO strategy to optimize for voice search. Sure, searches are becoming more accurate every day, but optimizing for voice search is extremely important. Many consumers already use mobile devices as well as voice search assistants. Do you want to be left out of those searches?

Voice search SEO services are perfect for businesses with an eCommerce platform. Right now, 43% of voice device owners ranging in age from 45 to 60 use their devices for online shopping. eCommerce expects to see a rise in sales thanks to searches performed using voice. This platform is also easy to optimize since it uses structural data.

Voice search SEO strategies are also perfect for users that have clear, short questions. This is perfect for local business owners that have sites that are optimized for common queries. If a customer was looking for a local pizza restaurant, they could ask “Where is the nearest pizza restaurant?” and should be capable of finding you.

Voice searches also support the visually impaired, chronically ill users, as well as the disabled. It’s a life-changing tool for these users that allows them to easily navigate information without using a keyboard. These are all just a few cases to consider when it comes to optimizing your website for voice search.

Voice Search as an SEO Tool Is Becoming More Relevant

Amazon Echo, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant are all making searches via voice more relevant. Currently, the technology is evolving with the expectation to continue growing beyond 2021. Is your business ready to meet the demands for voice search and offer convenience to millions of potential consumers?