The Ultimate Guide to Cheapest Windows VPS Server Hosting


Microsoft is ruling on the industry since it was established. It has updated the server software of the 2016 version to Windows Server 2019. Onlive Server understands the power of cheap windows VPS, so it is offering exceptional hosting plans for you. Our data centre is spread across various regions of the world like, France, Israel, Japan, the USA, Sweden. The speed provided by our cheapest Windows VPS server is of supreme quality to help you in growing your business rapidly. Do you know why we are well known among website owners? Let’s find it out here by going through the following content.

What is a Windows VPS server?

It’s a virtual machine service served by the hosting company to meet the clients’ needs. VPS operates with a separate operating system. Some hosting companies give superuser access to the clients so that they can manage everything on their own. A windows VPS server means that it uses Windows as the operating system. VPS and a dedicated server have many similarities. The configuration process is easy to do. Most of the businesses who choose cheap Windows VPS server do the right thing because it leads to the cut in hardware cost.

Why should you go for a cheap Windows VPS?

Many online business owners start their journey with a shared hosting plan. It might save the cost, but with the widespread growth of your business, this doesn’t remain an ideal option. The need for your business grows over time, and then you have to opt for something sturdy like a Windows VPS server. Even though some organization prefers Linux shared hosting, Windows VPS Server Hosting is loaded with more software.

  • You can set up multiple accounts on a single Windows VPS server hosting along with running more than one website You are left with no option other than one website.
  • If you want to develop a website with a content management system like WordPress, then that’s easy to install and create.
  • The best hosting platform deliver you services from incredibly supportive staff to help you in your business journey.
  • A highly secure SSL encryption is the topmost priority of any website owner. Our cheap Windows VPSserve you safe and fully secure SSL certificate.
  • All our cheap windows VPS operates with a bandwidth of 1000 GB supported by KVM virtualization, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB HDD, and much more.
  • Customize your site in your way and if it is difficult for you to do then let us know. Our team members isthere to assist.
  • With the quick scalability feature, your site is ready to reach new heights.

Choosing Linux shared hosting over Windows means you have to compromise with the security. On shared hosting, you share the server with other websites that can put your business at risk. Imagine a fraudulent or malicious site being run on the same server. Who has to pay the price of data loss? Your site becomes the victim that’s why people are shifting towards the Windows VPS server. It’s more reliable and safer for the clients.

How can Onlive Server offer to host with affordability?

There is a plethora of hosting service providers across different nations. However, features and costs are something that differentiates one hosting company from another. According to some people, Linux hosting is cheaper, but it can be costly too depending on the company you choose. Our hosting plans are made to meet affordability. Besides, affordability isn’t the only thing that we give to our clients. Your security is our responsibility, so we also make sure you get the top-notch secure server service. Apart from that, we let the website owners find a free domain for them that comes with our cheapest Windows VPS plans.

Which hosting your business need shared, dedicated, or a VPS hosting?

We have already given you a hint about which one is better but let’s find what other alternatives you have. If you are going for the shared hosting, then that would be a great option too, but a time comes when your site starts to lose the speed. It is due to the heavy load on the shared hosting server. You are left with no choice other than moving to dedicated server hosting. In comparison to shared hosting, VPS hosting cost more, but it’s technical features and security is tight. No need to share your server resources with others when you select a dedicated or VPS hosting plan. It becomes your responsibility to maintain and repair when things go wrong.

Selecting a dedicated server means you have to do everything from setting up, maintenance, repairing, and customization. Avail the benefit of having more resources. However, it is less complicated than VPS. Shared hosting is the simplest to set up. While deciding which one to opt, find what resources your business need. If the traffic is not high or you have just dived into the online business world then avoid spending a large sum of money. Moreover; if you are with the Onlive Server then no need to worry.

Final Words

The world of online business is full of risk and competition. Your success depends on your domain name and the hosting plan you choose. With a great team and support, any business can proliferate. We hope you have made your decision and ready to grow with us.