Reasons to use Zoom as a senior



Zoom is a form of online video communication that you can use inside your home. Video chat is becoming more popular as each day is going by, especially during a time of social distancing. When seniors are needing to stay home and self-isolate, anxiety and depression can occur due to them not being able to socialize or even leave their homes/facility. Luckily, there are forms of video online communication, like Zoom, that can help you keep in touch with your family and friends.

There are a ton of reasons to use Zoom as a senior, but first, you will need to set up your account. To access Zoom, you will need to have a smartphone or a computer that has a video camera and audio. You will download the Zoom application and create an account. You will want to make sure that you have enabled the camera and microphone for other users to hear and see you.

Stay in touch up with your grandchildren

Staying in touch and communicating with your grandchildren can be a little tough at times. Your grandchildren could be growing up and have to make more time for you, or there could be a pandemic that is keeping you away from them. With Zoom, you can see and talk with your grandkids at a click of a button.

With Zoom, you can have up to 500 people on a call at a time and be able to see every one of their faces. Zoom could be the platform that brings all of your grandkids to one place at the same time! You can share stories, tell jokes, or talk about your plans for the day. When wanting to plan a Zoom date with your grandkids, you can think outside of the box on what to do or talk about to keep them entertained. Playing a game of Pictionary or Charades is a fun way to have each of your grandkids interact with one another and will bring even more laughs to your Zoom date.

Teaching and Learning

When you are not able to leave your house, Zoom can play a significant role for teachers and students. If you are a teacher or a student, you can bring the whole class (or 500 of them) into the same Zoom meeting, and you can teach/learn right from your home. Zoom can also help you teach your family or grandkids things such as crocheting, sewing, or how to cook your famous chocolate chip cookies!

When there is a worldwide pandemic and you are teaching a course, Zoom will play a massive role to keep your students engaged and enrolled in the class. The users will have the ability to mute their microphones to silence any background noise while you are teaching.

Visit your Doctor

Having a virtual doctor’s visit is a new fad in the 21st century. Telemedicine began in the 1950s and has progressed and plays an active part in today’s society. Telemedicine is a technological software that brings an online form of communication between a patient and their healthcare provider. Using this type of technology will help doctors treat and diagnose you, all from the comfort of your home.

To use Telemedicine, you will need a device that has real-time audio, like Zoom. You and your doctor will both benefit from a Zoom Telemedicine visit. Your doctor will be able to see and hear you and can get a better feel for your diagnosis. Using Zoom and Telemedicine, you can receive an evaluation and a diagnosis without sitting in a waiting room and potentially expose yourself to other illnesses.

Zoom has many benefits for seniors! With today’s time, being able to video chat with your family and friends can make a positive impact on your day. There are a ton of reasons to use Zoom as a senior, so do not be left out and go video chat with your favorite people.