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Gtriip brings Aegis for corporate clients and Trevo for hotels. We aim to offer innovation that provides secure remote access to the employees and visitors in any office or hotel setting. This Covid-19 pandemic has been influencing our work-life for 2 years and continues to do so. It makes it difficult for us to function at our maximum efficiency but not anymore. Switch to Gtriip to fully automate your check-in process. Choose the future now!

Hotel Mobile Check-In

Gtriip for offices –

Streamline your tenants and visitors access with smart and secure Aegis technology! Aegis new-gen technology constantly works on improving the satisfaction of the staff and the other professionals that drop into your corporate place. It generates digital keys for entry of pre-verified employees at work ( This would improve the efficiency of your employees and health safety by the contactless entrance. You can also keep a check on your visitors by our digital authentication and access system. Gtriip Aegis system is for fast and safe management of your office employees and visitors entry and record.

Gtriip for Hotels –

Hotels must switch to the latest high-tech systems for enhanced user experience. Gtriip offers smart hotel mobile check-in at The automated check-in system will please the users to the core and also save their precious time. Gear up your services with Gtriip.

Check-In powered by Gtriip –

  • No more queues – Lining up at the reception for check-In is an old school trick. Gtriip brings efficient check-in access for your hotel guests. Also, pre-registration with Gtriip propound seamless experiences with all the details already saved in your software by us.
  • Mobile number verification – your visitors can verify their phone numbers through the OTP (one time password) sent to them. The OTP will be directly sent through our visitors’ management system.
  • Facial recognition – Gtriip ensures easy accessibility and recognition through your visitor’s selfie. They can check-in and check out simply by taking selfies through their smartphone and uploading the same on your system. Through a facial recognition system, their identity will be identified and stored for future reference. Digital keys to their room can also be issued to the guest with the help of Gtriip.
  • Notify the staff and the hosts – The reception staff and the hosts are notified of the arrival and registration of their guests. Also, the complete details of the guest along with their check-in timings and check-out are sent to the concerned individuals and also stored in the system.
  • Customized visitor pass – the visitors can generate an e-pass before Gtriip. This would benefit them with lightning-fast check-in on arrival. Let them get in totally digitally.

Trust us; your visitors will love this new check-in style! Also, you can estimate your Gtriip cost at our website-